The 06010 Drinking Game 17

If you’ve listened to the podcast with any sort of regularity, you probably picked up on the fact that a lot of things get said over and over. You’ll also know that the podcast is generally nonsense with a bit of fantasy “advice” thrown in. Well, in attempt to make it all nonsense, all the time, here’s a drinking game that’s been devised to help achieve this goal.

The game is far from complete. Please suggest new phrases/actions and various actions to take.

Please play the game responsibly. You can use your favorite beverage of choice but Coke Zero works the best.

“Peace out” Take one sip
“Factually correct” Take one sip
“In the year of Mike Trout” Take one sip
“In the year of Mike Trout” used on the football podcast. Take two sips
“Shut up, Pod” Take one sip
“Nate, you’re a weasel” Take two sips
“Ride the streak” said by Tristan Cockcroft Take one sip
“Ride the streak” said by anyone else Take two sips
“High horse” Stand on a chair and take one sip
“Bitter Berry” Take one sip of something bitter
“Listen…” Take one sip
“Your boyfriend…” Take one sip
“The curse of Stephania Bell” Take three sips
“Starphania Bell” Order someone to get you a drink, take one sip
“It depends on what type of league you’re in” Take one sip
“Wide receiver is crazy deep” Take one sip
“Whoa crazy crazy!” Take four sips
“Stephania’s terrible 49ers” Take one sip
“Put it on the board!” Take one sip
“Wacko for Flacco” Take two sips
“I don’t hate him…” or “I don’t love him…” Take one sip
“Have some grapefruit!” Drink a glass of grapefruit juice
“Combo meal” Take one sip and a bite of food
“Fair enough” Take one sip
“Fantasy whack-a-mole” Take one sip then *bop* the first person you see on the head
“Hard to trust” Take one sip
“Hypothetical” – Pod Vader Take one sip.
Chug, if you’re in the 2012 FB Man’s League
“I am a company man” Make the ESPN SportsCenter sound and take one sip
“I believe in his talent” – Matthew Take one sip.
Someone gets comedy goalied Take two sips
Matthew mentions Mike Trout in his long time keeper league Offer Matthew a drink over Twitter
Matthew uses the Stephania voice Finish your drink
Matthew uses the Nate voice Take one sip
Matthew uses the Nate voice for an entire podcast Order a bottle of weasel beer and re-listen to the podcast
Matthew uses the Pedro Alvarez voice Take a sip of Italian soda or a bite of an Italian dish
Pod Vader uses the Sean Connery voice Put your drink in a martini glass and take one sip
Matthew rants about the Redskins Pour out a bit of your drink on the ground
Someone makes up a medical profession (“I’m no cardotherapist”) Take four sips
Stephania gets called a cone Take three sips
Matty’s Dating Advice corner gets brought up Take two sips and pour out a little of your drink
Nate cuts Matthew off to speed up the show Take one sip
Someone references their Twitter followers Take two sips
Matthew’s wife calls during the middle of the podcast Take three sips
The 16 team ESPN War Room League is mentioned Take one sip
  • chwala

    Nick, The first table is labeled ‘Phases.’ I think you mean ‘Phrases’.

  • How about, “I will say this” My god Matthew, just say it, dont tell us your going to say it!!

    • The Funky Beat Name Game Drop

      that is a notable missing quote, good call

  • Jordan

    i have played this during the friday football podcast. i have many of these phrases already and i also use lock of the week, upset special, sweep it, or any buzz words such as dating back or tilts. i also drink for any phrase that requires a drop such as fantasy zombie or overreaction theatre. and every time someone says lisfranc or concussion.

  • Brandon

    Don’t forget when Matthew mentions his 16 team war room league!

  • Duckman2012

    What about when Nate moves on to another topic, and Matthew says something to the effect of, “Before we move on, can I say one more thing about [the previous subject]?” Take a sip, spit it out into a cup, and then drink the backwash.

  • Matt

    you need add “it depends on your team needs” -berry

  • “Nate cuts Matthew off to speed up the show” isn’t specific enough and/or doesn’t happen often enough. How about when Matthew over-explains things and Nate tries to hurry him along with “Right.” and “Got it.”? Those should be worth a sip. Nate actually succeeding in cutting Matthew off is worth four sips.

  • Dale

    How is “It’s Interesting, Nate” or “you know what’s interesting Nate” not on here anywhere?

  • Dantheman

    “Oh by the way” should be added as well as “My 16-team ppr war room league” with “Mort”.

  • sanjuroku

    Where’s “I continue to believe in his talent”?

  • Miles

    How about when Stephania says “stop it”!

  • Josh

    Whenever Stephania mentions a groin injury; grab your groin, say “Ow! My Finger!” and take a sip

  • Will Z.

    How about when references to Field being under-aged or very young, take one drink.

  • Logan

    Where can I find rules to the new drinking game? The one a listener emailed about this year? Thanks for any help in advance :)

    • I’m not aware of any new rules, but I’m open to suggestions to add to the list.