2010 Baseball Board: June Update 2

Nate’s picked up two wins in June so far to take a commanding 2-0 lead on the board.  Will Matthew get shutout in the board this year or will he continue his streak of board wins?

All stats and ratings are current as of June 20th.

  1. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Asdrubal Cabrera or Orlando Cabrera?
    Currently, Asdrubal (-1.32) is 38th and Orlando (2.45) is 13th among SS. Asdrubal’s injury is going to leave him at his current rating, so unless Orlando completely falls off, this is going in favor of Orlando.
    Projected winner: Orlando (Nate)
  2. Will Manny Ramirez hit over/under 27.5 homeruns?
    He currently has 8 homeruns on the season and is on pace for 23 homeruns.  He’s knocked a few out recently to catch up a bit and while he’s still way under the pace he needs to be.  I think Manny will pick up the pace in the summer but I think he’ll ultimately fall just a bit short and have another DL stint.
    Projected winner: Under (Nate)
  3. Will Bobby Jenks save 30 games?
    He currently has 14 saves and is on pace for 34 saves.  He hasn’t been great this year but he’s regained control of the closer job in Chicago with a very solid performance in June so far.  Barring some sort of trade, I think he’ll keep up the current pace and save 30 games.
    Projected winner: over 30 saves (Nate)
  4. Will Alberto Callaspo have 600 Plate Appearances?
    He currently has around 280 PAs and is on pace for over 650 PAs. Callaspo has been solid this season and with Alex Gordon moving to the OF, his spot in the infield is secure.
    Projected winner: Over 600 PAs (Nate)
  5. Will Chone Figgins hit over/under his career BA (.291)?
    He’s currently hitting .235 and is starting to hit for average.  He’s hitting .302 in June so far and if he wants to get his BA up around .300 he’ll need to have a month where he hits .350.  I think he dug himself too big a hole in April and May to get up to .291.  I think he’ll finish in the neighborhood of .275
    Projected winner: Under .291 (Matthew)
  6. Who has a higher batting average (min 250 ABs), Alcides Escobar or Rafael Furcal?
    Currently, Escobar is hitting .252 while Furcal is hitting .305.  As long as Furcal can stay healthy, he should be able to beat Escobar. Both guys have been hitting pretty consistently so far and that favors Furcal.
    Projected winner: Furcal (Nate)
  7. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Adam Jones or Nick Markakis?
    Currently, Markakis (2.02) is 72nd and Jones (2.20) is 70th among OFs. Jones has started to put it together and now leads Markakis. Jones is showing a bit more power right now so I like his chances to stay ahead of Markakis but this will most likely be close all year long.
    Projected winner: Jones (Matthew)
  8. Will Ichiro steal over/under 39.5 bases?
    He currently has 20 steals and is on pace for 48 steals.  Ichiro is keeping up the same pace as he had in May. It’s looking like he’ll be a lock for 40 steals since Seattle will need to keep him running due to their lack of power.
    Projected winner: Over 39.5 SBs (Nate)
  9. Will David Wright hit 25.5 homeruns this season?
    He currently has 12 homeruns and is on pace for 28 homeruns. He’s come off of his pace a little bit since May but he looks to have his HR stroke back and should be able to keep up the pace.
    Projected winner: Over 25.5 HRs (Nate)
  10. Who will have more saves on the Padres: Luke Gregerson or Mike Adams?
    Neither currently have any saves but Mike Adams is pitching the 8th inning so he’s got a better chance to vulture saves and looks to be first in line for the closing gig if Heath Bell gets traded.
    Projected winner: Adams (Matthew)
  11. Will John Danks finish 10 starting pitchers higher on the Player Rater than Max Scherzer?
    Currently Danks (4.73) is 34th and Scherzer (-1.38) is 162nd among SPs. Scherzer has pitched better since he was recalled from the minors but he’ll need to lower his ERA substantially to get anywhere close to Danks.  Danks on the other hand has been very steady.
    Projected winner: Yes (Nate)
  12. Will Marlon Byrd finish at least 5 OFs higher on the Player Rater than Will Venable?
    Currently, Byrd (6.44) is 21st and Venable (2.08) is 71st among OFs. Byrd is looking like he’ll be a top 25 OF this year while Venable is still struggling to hit consistently.  Venable will keep it respectable with his ability to steal bases but ultimately it’ll be his batting average that’ll keep him behind.
    Projected winner: Yes (Nate)
  13. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Max Scherzer or Chad Billingsley?
    Currently, Scherzer (-1.38) is 162nd and Billingsley (2.33) is 69th among SPs. Billingsley and Scherzer have turned it around to make this a little more exciting.  We’ll have to see how much Billingsley’s injury affects him but in the mean time, Scherzer should be able to close the gap a bit. I like the Buzzsaw to barely edge out Scherzer.
    Projected winner:Billingsley (Nate)
  14. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Livan Hernandez or Carlos Silva?
    Currently, Hernandez (3.19) is 54th and Silva (5.82) is 25th among SPs. Silva just seems to keep winning and pitching solidly for the Cubs.  Livan’s last start may be a sign of things to come.
    Projected winner: Silva (Nate)
  15. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Mike Leake or Johnny Cueto?
    Currently, Leake (2.81) is 62nd and Cueto (3.09) is 59th among SPs. Both guys have been knocked around recently but Leake’s 1.40 WHIP may indicate that he’s been lucky so far.  I think Leake will run out of gas later on and get lit up a couple times to drop him in the Player Rater.
    Projected winner: Cueto (Nate)
  16. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Chris B. Young or Vernon Wells?
    Currently, Wells (6.78) is 17th and Young (7.79) is 9th among OFs. As predicted, Wells has started to fall off in June. Young seems to have gotten it all together again and is looking like the fantasy stud from a couple of years ago.
    Projected winner: Young (Matthew)
  17. Who wins more categories (HR,RBI,BA) from 5-18-10 on: Jack Cust or David Ortiz?
    Player Hits/ABs BA HRs RBIs
    Jack Cust 23/82 .280 2 10
    David Ortiz 28/96 .292 8 27

    Ortiz is leading the way in all categories so far in thanks to a great May.  Cust on the other hand just hasn’t done a whole lot.
    Projected winner: Ortiz (Nate)

  18. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Chris B. Young or Corey Hart?
    Currently, Young (7.79) is 9th and Hart (6.50) is 18th among OFs. Young’s ability to steal bases will win him this bet.  Both guys are fairly equal in the BA, runs and RBIs department.
    Projected winner: Young (Matthew)
  19. Will Troy Tulowitzki hit 20 HRs (in at least 525 ABs)?
    Tulo’s broken wrist will cause this to be a push as he won’t reach 525 ABs.
    Projected winner: Push
  20. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Nick Markakis or Johnny Damon?
    Currently, Markakis (2.02) is 72nd and Damon (2.61) is 66th among OFs. I like Markakis to start hitting with a bit more power and give him the edge in the RBI and HR department.  I don’t think Damon is going to put up numbers anywhere close to what he did last year.
    Projected winner: Markakis (Matthew)
  21. Will Kelly Johnson hit 25 homeruns?
    Currently at 13 HRs and on pace for 31 HRs. He’s only hit 4 HRs since the end of April so his pace has dropped off considerably.  Even if he only hits 3-4 HRs a month the rest of the way he’ll end up around 25 HRs.  I like him to get another hot streak and finish in the 28 HR range.
    Projected winner: Over 25 HRs (Matthew)
  22. Will Brennan Boesch be a top 50 OF?
    Currently at 48th (4.64) on the Player Rater.  Boesch has been playing great so far this season and I think he’ll come down to earth in August.  For as great as he’s been so far, I kind of expected him to be rated a little higher.  With a bit of a falloff looming, he’ll drop out of the top 50 by season’s end.
    Projected winner: Out of the top 50 (Nate)

If the projections hold, it looks like Nate will saddle up his high horse and ride about Bristol, CT declaring himself the greatest fantasy analyst alive.  Adding, in Nate’s 2 wins already, he’ll easily take the board 16-7.

Bet Tracker

I’m working on another page that would allow you to see the status of the bets. I’ll finish the fine tuning of the layout this week and have it posted for comments. I’m not sure if I’ll have this take over the board or just put it up as a supplemental thing. If anyone knows of a way to keep the stats related to the bets up to date, other than checking ESPN and copying/pasting the data, let me know.