FAQ 27

Have you ever wondered what Nate and Matthew are referring to on the Fantasy Focus?
You can also check out the official Fantasy Focus Glossary.


  1. Why do they refer to the podcast as “The Fantasy Focus 06010”?
    It’s been mentioned numerous times on both the baseball and football podcasts that they hate the name Fantasy Focus.  One of the reasons is that it shares the same name of a show on ESPN Radio.  06010 is the zip code of Bristol, CT where ESPN has its headquarters. “Ad Agency Brian” (a former Man’s League entrant) suggested the Fantasy Focus 06010 name back on the 8/5/2008 football podcast (around the 22:00 minute mark) as a tribute to their obsession with Beverly Hills 90210.
  2. What’s this about Brrr?
    At the end of the mailbag drop, the voice over would say something that resembled “Brrr”.
  3. Where did Pod Vader get his name?
    Jeremy Green gave Jay the nickname of Pod Vader on the Football Today podcast (submitted by Josh).
  4. What’s this about weasels?
    The origins of the weasel comments can be traced by to a Man’s League contestant, Weaselly Brian (submitted by Josh).
  5. Why is Pod Vader evil?
    Because he’s a Sith Lord and they are by default evil.
  6. What is F.W. Dale’s?
    It’s an awesome restaurant where there’s great happy hour specials on jalapeno poppers, chicken wings and $1 pints. It’s owned and operated by Frank W. Dale.
  7. Why is there a Man’s League?
    via Adam: The reason for the man’s league started when Pod Vader told Nate and Matthew that he won his fantasy (football or baseball – can’t remember the sport) league – but it only had 8 teams. When they heard this, they created a 16-team football league and a 20-team baseball league filled with podcast listeners so that Pod would have to prove his fantasy prowess in a deep league instead of the shallow (Diet Soderberg) leagues he was accustomed to.
  8. What’s Gold Diggin’ It?
    A part of the usual random open on the 12/16/09 podcast, Matthew was trying to come up with a term for people not showing up to work during the holidays (Gold barring it) and Nate confused that with Gold Digging It. This then went off on a tangent where it ends up being a reality TV show.
  9. Where’s the Ronan in Ireland podcast?
  10. What is “The Stephania bell”?
    A listener sent in a bell to the guys and they named it The Stephania bell and ding it whenever Pod Vader mentions the following in his Russell Baxter stats: “Dating Back”, “Tilt” and “Prevails.” Apparently the bell is left in the podcast studio and gets rung on other podcasts without proper recognition.
  11. What is a “Fantasy Zombie”?
    A guy left for dead who has somehow risen from the grave to actually have real, legit fantasy value again. Some examples are: Barry Zito, Cedric Benson, and Vernon Davis.
  12. What is a “Fantasy Vampire”?
    From Ben in the comments, “they will suck the life out of your team. They come in both batter and pitcher forms. A Vampire batter is a guy who lures you in with something shiny, usually a decent number of home runs, RBI, and/or stolen bases, but sucks the life out of your team’s batting average.”
  13. What are “Comedy Goalies”?
    This is usually in reference to Nate and Pod Vader wanting to cut one of Matthew Berry’s jokes because it’s often inappropriate for the podcast.  They’re blocking his attempts at being funny.
  14. What’s a “Comedy Sponge”?
    Good ol’ F.W. Dale is an example of this, jokes go in but they don’t come out. Referenced on the 7/1/10 baseball podcast.
  15. What is “Fantasy Kryptonite”?
    It’s a player that you have an undying love for and you always believe he’ll be an asset to your team but end up killing it.  In TMR’s case, Erik Bedard is his fantasy kryptonite.
  16. Why does Halifax love the 06010 so much?
    Back in the early days, the guys didn’t receive a whole lot of e-mails and they seemingly had an inordinate amount of e-mails from Halifax.
  17. What’s a fantasy vegetable?
    Matthew is, since he’s a “Berry”.
  18. Who’s the official collegiate bass fishing team of the podcast?
    The Virginia Tech Hokies, as stated on the 3-10-2011 podcast
  19. How often does Matthew Berry eat Canadian bacon?
    At least once a week.
  20. What was Nate’s Halloween costume all through out high school?
    Gerardo aka Rico Suave
  21. Who is the Star Wars expert for the podcast?
    Stephanie, as evident on the 5-18-11 podcast.
  22. Does Stephania Bell have her own beach?
    Of course! Normally, it’s called ‘Stephania’s Beach’ but some people refer to it as Half Moon Bay.
  23. Who is the official Ohio community college of the 06010?
    Sinclair Community College
  24. Who is Stephanie Bell?
    The following may end up blowing her cover and result in myself sustaining a mysterious injury but here goes…It’s actually Stephania Bell in a blonde wig with a single barrette in it. It’s her undercover disguise since she’s an undercover agent. See the 7-12-11 podcast.
  25. Who is the official tough guy of the 06010?
    That would be TNA wrestler Showtime Eric Young, as decreed on the 9-15-11 podcast.
  26. What is a “Fantasy Whack-a-mole”?
    It’s a fantasy player that you hold on to since he has potential but never does anything when inserted in to your lineup. When you have him on your bench, he goes off. See the 10-18-11 podcast.
  27. Who is the official couple of the 06010?
    Downstairs TV Kristin and Upstairs TV Derek.
  28. Who is the official illustrator and children’s book author of the 06010 and The 06010 Board?
    Matt Tavares. Check out his work at MattTavares.com
  29. Who is “Angry Angry Shouty Man”?
    Nate Ravitz. A listener’s wife asked who the “angry, angry, shouty man” was when she overheard Nate berating Tristan Cockcroft over his love for Monte Ball on the 9-12-2013 podcast.
  30. Who is the official Taylor Swift podcast of the 06010?
    Swiftcast. They were wrongly identified as another Taylor Swift podcast that was up for a Podcast Award, which the 06010 is battling for the People’s Choice award. Since they’re not competing for the award, Swiftcast was ruled as the official Swift podcast of the 06010 on the 11-5-2013 podcast.
  31. What does “Blowing the roof off the door” mean?
    Matthew misspoke on a podcast when he intended to say “blowing the roof off the house”. Nate caught it immediately and continued to bring it up in further podcasts. A fan wrote in and wanted to have this phrase preserved and suggested that it mean the following for fantasy purposes: It is used to describe a player that preformed horribly when all logic suggested that he would have a great fantasy day. See the 11-26-2013 podcast.
  32. Who is the “Secret Squirrel”?
    Daniel Dopp, the producer of the podcast. He has a background in the military doing security. It’s a common nickname for people in military doing this job. See the 11-14-2014 podcast.
  33. What’s the “Squirrel Cage”?
    It’s the room attached to the recording studio where Daniel Dopp produces the podcast. See the 8-19-2014 podcast.
  34. What’s “The Vineyard”?
    It’s the name of the studio that they moved in to on August 24, 2015. There was a poll on ESPN.com\weasel for fans of the show to vote on and The Vineyard was the winner. See the 8-24-2015 podcast.
  35. When did Field Yates become a weasel?
    On Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 10:46:48AM. He and Matthew were negotiating a bet on Andre Ellington and he took back his initial criteria and weaseled his way to a higher over/under (he took the under).
  36. Who is the “Morocco Mole”?
    Gabriel Basayne, another ESPN podcast producer. Matthew and Field asked for a nickname for Gabriel and fans came up this nickname on the 10-23-2015 podcast.
  37. Who is the official WR of the 06010?
    Leonard Hankerson, since he’s their definition of a mediocre wide receiver. Matthew and Field also reserve the right to change this if there’s a WR that comes along that they like better.


  1. What’s “The War By The Shore”?
    On 5/12/08, Matthew and Nate discussed who would have a better pitching performance that night.  While, Nate clearly said “Put it on the board!”, Matthew’s response was not clear. The loser of the bet would have to record “____ is the greatest fantasy analyst alive.” Matthew’s unclear acceptance of the bet lead to Bush-Zito Gate and the eventual audio production of “War By The Shore”.  Matthew ended up losing the bet and pronounced Nate to be the greatest fantasy analyst alive.
  2. Who is “The Buzzsaw”?
    Chad Billingsley or Keith Lipscomb’s friend.
  3. Who is “The Un-Tier”?
    Xavier Nady
  4. Is Chuck really Pod Vader?
    No, despite popular belief…well, really just Matthew’s…Pod Vader is not Chuck.  It’s actually a guy named Chuck at ESPN that Pod Vader got to record various drops when Charles Schwabb was sponsoring the podcast.
  5. Who is “The Sauce”?
    Zack Greinke
  6. What’s the “Jimmy Rollins Rule”?
    Jimmy Rollins had at the time to a minor injury that the guys didn’t feel like was worth discussing and this injury ended up keeping Rollins out for an extended portion of time.  As a result, the guys will invoke the Jimmy Rollins Rule whenever a player sustains any sort of injury.
  7. Who is “The Kraken”?
    A listener suggested this nickname for Jason Heyward on the podcast and the guys liked it.
  8. Who is “The Silver Bullet”?
    An e-mailer suggested this nickname for Ubaldo Jimenez on the 6/1/10 podcast and the guys were on board with it.
  9. What’s a “Dirty Fuentes”?
    Matthew Berry suggested this as a term to describe a closer’s performance where they gave up several runs/hits/walks and still came away with the save.  This came after Brian Fuentes (LAA) gave up a 2 run homerun and still managed to earn the save.
    Official ruling for a save to be dirty: At least one earned run and earned runs + baserunners must be greater than or equal to 3. This was defined on the 4-25-2012 podcast.
  10. What’s a combo meal?
    It’s when a player hits a homerun and steals a base in the same game.
  11. Has anyone talked to Salomon Torres?
  12. Who is “Rabbi Cano”?
    Nate read an e-mail on the 8/11/10 podcast where a reader wrote Robinson Cano’s name as “Robbi” and Nate read it as “Rabbi”. The guys debated a bit on whether or not Cano had a nickname or not but they were both in agreement to call him “Rabbi Cano” from now on.
  13. Why do they guys always bring up trading Erick Aybar for Cole Hamels?
    I believe it was the 2008 baseball Man’s League where Pod Vader made a ridiculous trade of Hamels for Aybar.  He’s been kidded about it ever since.
  14. What’s lower than a weasel?
    Matthew Berry.
  15. Where did “Bona fide or Bonifacio” come from?
    First introduced in 2011 as a segment, similar to the Name Game, where Matthew and Nate discuss whether a player is legit (bona fide) or not (Bonifacio). This harkens back to the 2009 season when Emilio Bonifacio started out on fire for the first couple of weeks and the guys debated whether or not he could keep up this pace. Bonifacio always seemed to be part of their discussion and there were several bets made through the season.
  16. What’s the “Wandy Line”?
    First introduced on the 4/13/2011 podcast, it’s a concept from Matthew Berry that designates the point at which you can feel safe/okay to drop a pitcher. The line is set around the 25th ranked pitcher, in a standard, non-keeper, 10 team league. Another way to think of it is as an undroppable list.
  17. What’s the “Closer Carousel”?
    It’s another segment on the show when the guys discuss pitchers either losing or moving into the closer role on their team.
  18. What’s a “Fantasy goat”?
    It’s a player that has horrible performance in a game where his team put up a bunch of runs/hits. An example is, you see the Rockies score 11 runs and when you look at the box score you see Tulowitzki had an 0-5 day with 0 runs, 0 RBI.
  19. What’s “Hard Justice”?
    A new segment that Matthew and Nate started after making a ruling for a fantasy league. The concept is that Matthew and Nate will review controversial situations in fantasy leagues and making a ruling on what the commissioner should do.  The segment will be on the Wednesday podcasts.
  20. Who is “The Cowboy”?
    Roy Halladay, this nickname was bequeathed to him to see if Matthew and Nate curse players by giving them nicknames (see Billingsley, Heyward, Nady). See 7/26/11 podcast.
  21. Who is “The Chowder”?
    Adrian Gonzalez. He was given this nickname as a control subject for the nickname curse since he currently does not have one, where as Halladay was already nicknamed “Doc”. See 7/26/11 podcast.
  22. Who is “Wall Street”?
    Mark Teixeira. A listener requested a nickname for a Yankee since Adrian Gonzalez was cursed by the Matthew and Nate’s nickname. See the 8/22/11 podcast.
  23. What is a “Nolascan Sheepdog”?
    It’s a reference to a pitcher that you expect to have a good outing and gets absolutely rocked. It references Ricky Nolasco (who tends to have these types of performances) and The Sheepdogs (who never came through on their promises). See the end of the 9/1/11 podcast.
  24. Who is “Kitty Hawk”?
    A Man’s League entrant asked the guys if they could come up with a nickname for David Wright and they eventually settled upon Kitty Hawk, as a play on the Wright Brothers. On the 5-22-12 podcast.
  25. Who is “Main Street”?
    A listener wrote in on the 5-23-12 podcast for a suggestion to counter the Wall Street (An overhyped player who never lives up to potential) nickname with Main Street (an underrated player who always exceeds expectations). The suggestion was to give Paul Konerko this name and both Matthew and Nate liked it.
  26. Who is “The Incumbent”?
    James Loney. Vin Scully referred to him by this nickname and a reader wrote in asking if it could get the 06010 approval to make this nickname official. The guys ruled in favor of making this his official nickname on the 5-30-12 podcast during Hard Justice.
  27. What’s a “Daisy Fuentes”?
    It’s when a closer comes in and pitches a perfect 9th inning with 3 strike outs and a save. On the 6-1-2012 podcast.
  28. What’s a “Marmol”?
    This one is up for debate but the general idea is that the relief pitcher destroys your team with a bad out (high WHIP, ERA, etc) and does not pick up any positive stats (Win, Save, Hold, etc). Debuted on the 4-2-2013 podcast
  29. Who’s “The Flying Salmon”?
    Hisashi Iwakuma of the Seattle Mariners. This is a reference to the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. On the 5-16-2013 podcast.
  30. Who is “The Grape”?
    Evan Gattis of the Atlanta Braves. He was given this name because he has been crushing it, like one would with a grape. On the 5-28-2013 podcast.
  31. Who is “The Paparazzi”?
    Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since he was off to a roaring start to his Major League career, Nate and Matthew decided it was time to give him a nickname. Keeping with the tradition of a nickname that doesn’t directly relate to the player, he was given the nickname of The Paparazzi since they are prevalent in Los Angeles. See the 6-5-2013 podcast.
  32. Who is “The Dehydrator”?
    Vernon Wells. After a long search for a nickname for him this was come up with by a listener, Rob, on the 10-1-2013 baseball wrap up show. Since Matthew Berry is Aquaman and Vernon Wells is his nemesis there was a need for a nickname for him. His superpower is to remove all water available to Aquaman and he sucks the joy out of rooting for your team, fantasy or real life.
  33. What is a “Dante Fuentes”?
    It’s a closer who comes in non-save situation gets a “Dirty Fuentes” (minus the save). A listener wrote in saying that this situation should be named a Fantasy Clerks, as in “I’m not even supposed to be here today”, which is a quote from the character Dante. Tristan ended up choosing the name Fantasy Dante. On the 4-11-2014 podcast.
    Officially named the Dante Fuentes on the 4-12-2014 podcast.
  34. What’s a “Foiled Fuentes”?
    It’s when a closer is warming up in the bullpen and will be coming in to a save situation. But, the either team scores enough runs in the 8th inning to remove the save situation. Thus, the potential situation for a type of “Fuentes” is ruined. Originated on the 5-13-2014 podcast and named on the 5-14-2014 podcast.
  35. Who is the official Third Baseman of the 06010?
    Evan Longoria, as decreed on the 9-9-2014 podcast.
  36. What’s a “Kid’s Meal”?
    It’s a combo meal by a minor league player. Made official on the 7-1-2016 podcast.
  37. What’s a “Family Meal”?
    It’s when at least two teammates have a combo meal in a single game. Made official on the 7-1-2016 podcast.


  1. Does Nate really love Derrick Ward?
    While Nate has never stated on the air that he loves Derrick Ward, I think he’s said this off the air numerous times. He also owns numerous “I Love Derrick Ward” t-shirts.
  2. Who is the greatest running back of all time?
    According to Matthew Berry, Edgerrin James is the greatest running back.
  3. Will Sammy Morris ever be cut by the New England Patriots?
    No, his employment with the Patriots will continue to haunt Pod Vader. A couple of years ago Pod Vader stated that he thought Sammy Morris would be cut from the Patriots, given all of their other RBs.
  4. Who is known as the “Fantasy Voldemort”?
    Anquan Boldin. Daniel Radcliffe talked to Matthew about who his fantasy kryptonite was and Daniel responded with Boldin. Matthew then called him a Fantasy Voldemort. See the 12-28-11 podcast.
  5. Who is the official kicker of the 06010?
    Blair Walsh, as decreed by Matthew Berry on Twitter (9-28-2012). Blair is also a big fan of the podcast.
  6. Who is “The Restaurant Burrito”?
    Peyton Manning. He was nicknamed this to preserve the brilliance of Ryan’s email (11-15-2012 podcast) on what nickname Eli Manning should have, who he called a fantasy frozen burrito.
  7. What’s a “Fantasy Ackbar”?
    A player that you don’t believe in for a long time. At some point you finally buy in to the player and then he stinks up the joint. Example, Eli Manning. He was okay all the way up to the 2011 season, was great in 2011 and is now mediocre in the 2012 season.
  8. Who is ‘Padre’?
    Keenan Allen, since he plays for the San Diego Chargers and it’s a random nickname for the city. The San Diego Padres are the MLB team that plays there. See the 11-8-2013 podcast.
  9. Who is “Mr. Jib”?
    Cordarrelle Patterson, it was given to him on the 1-9-2014 podcast.
  10. Who is “Brock Lobster”?
    Brock Osweiler, it was given to him by Matthew on the 11-23-2015 podcast.
  11. Who is “DJ Score Rock”?
    David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals RB. Matthew felt that more people should be aware of Johnson and it’s probably due to his common name. Matthew felt that a good nickname would help increase his exposure. Thought of on the 12-3-2015 Love/Hate podcast and confirmed on the 12-4-2015 podcast.