The Final Look and Out Of His Mind

I’ve heard your cries and pleas. You can now be on the cutting edge of ringtones and be able to say that you had Tristan Cockcroft as your ringtone way before it was cool to do so. Download “The Final Look” now and marginally increase your street cred.

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UPDATE: Tristan sings again and he’s out of his mind. What will he sing next?!

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OOTP – 2015 season simmed

UPDATE (3-31-2016): I haven’t abandoned this project. I’ve just run in to an issue uploading the reports. I may have to scrap this reality and add everyone directly to the majors. There’s too much data in the league for it to be uploaded in a timely manner.

As promised, the 2015 season has been simmed.

First-year player draft:

R1, P1 – Nate Ravitz (Arizona)
R1, P2 – Field Yates (Colorado)
R1, P3 – Jay Soderberg (Texas)
R1, P4 – Daniel Dopp (Minnesota)
R1, P7 – Matthew Berry (Chicago Cubs)
R1, P9 – Gabriel Basayne (Philadelphia)
R1, P11 – Eric Karabell (Tampa Bay)
R1, P12 – Stephania Bell (San Diego)
R1, P19 – Tristan Cockcroft (Cleveland)
R18, P9 – Mark Simon (Philadelphia)

Full draft results

First year recap:

  • Ravitz excelled in the minors ended the year at Single A Hillsboro.
  • Yates had a solid first year and finished the year at Single A Modesto.
  • Soderberg had an impressive first year and finished the year at Single A High Desert.
  • Dopp started the year with a bang but had some issues when he was promoted to Single A Cedar Rapids.
  • Berry had a good power year and ended up at Single A Myrtle Beach.
  • Basayne tallied some solid stats and ended the year at Single A Clearwater.
  • Karabell ended up not signing with Tampa Bay and will return to the first-year player draft in 2016.
  • Bell put together a solid first season and finished up the year at Rookie League San Diego.
  • Cockcroft posted great pitching ratios and ended the year at Single A Mahoning Valley.
  • Simon ended up not signing with Philadelphia and will return to the first-year player draft in 2016.

OOTP – The 06010 Baseball League

Eric and Tristan are always talking about their sim leagues and it always gets me thinking about my favorite baseball sim, Out of the Park Baseball. As a way to have a little fun, I decided to start up a new league in OOTP 16 and added an assortment of 06010 personalities. I’m starting all the players off as free agent rookies so they’ll be drafted and signed by MLB teams. I’ll speed through the first year of the league so that they’ll get in to actual games sooner and potentially on MLB rosters for the 2016 season.

I’ll post regular updates to the league and you can check the progress of everything by clicking on the OOTP link in the menu.

The players I’ve added are:

The 06010 Twitter War – Week 2 Power Rankings 1

Contributed by:

Hindsight is 20/20 folks and I’ll admit, I was wrong on several accounts. Below are updated power rankings done by both total points scored after week 2 and my personal, horribly biased ‘projected’ power rankings.

Additionally, here is my take on each individual team.


With the best QB duo in the league, we all knew this was going to be a playoff-contending team. What we didn’t expect was McFadden to be a serviceable running back. Nice foresight, Nick. You really jumped on the Nate high-horse-led bandwagon on that pick and it’s really paying off.

Unfortunately for Nick, Ahmad is now almost worthless and Nick doesn’t have a staple of usable running backs like some teams (see: @MatthewBarrier… want to make a trade?). And because of his lack of RB depth, I dropped Nick to 3rd in my personal power rankings (PPR).

Suckuptosteffie Tom

[Insert “I was wrong” clip in the voice of either Nate or TMR here]

Things I did not see coming:
1) Vick being a top QB
2) DeAngelo Williams being serviceable
3) Knowshon Moreno being a top 10 RB.

Tom had some serious RB questions and looks like he’s solved them, at least until the byes. The rest of his team is full of studs and as a result, he has vaulted up the actual power rankings and PPR. Nice work Tom.

The only bad news on his team is that Eddie is concussed. And in the great words of Stephania, “there’s no such thing as a ‘minor’ concussion.” There is, however, the Jahvid Best and Austin Collie variety of concussion. For your (and Eddie’s) sake, let’s hope it’s not that severe. (more…)

The 06010 Twitter War League

I’m pretty sure that there’s only 9 other people that will be interested in this post…

I should’ve gotten this posted earlier but you know what they say about hustling…I was invited to join a league this year that sounded like it could be fun, despite the fact that I was already being really close to my limit of leagues that I could sanely manage. The concept of the league is Matthew Berry apologists vs. Pod Vader apologists. I joined the league and sided with Pod Vader since it’s easier to join The Darkside than it is to resist it.

The league is filled with a bunch of people you are probably already aware of and some others that are now going to get their 15 seconds of Internet fame.

Pod Troopers Bitter Berrys
@The06010Board @celtictso
@MatthewSalter89 @MatthewBarrier
@ThePodTroopers @THETMRDefender
@MLBactuary @DefensiveTMR
@ABrooks602 @TheRotoCop06010

Yep, Drew Brooks even got roped in to this nonsense. I can also verify that @ThePodTroopers is just one person and does not have multiple people managing his team…as far as I can tell.

The format of the league is a 2 QB league with standard scoring. Our draft was an auction and it was evident that some people did not realize the importance of QBs in this type of league. By some people, I mean only @TheTMRDefender who drafted Andrew Luck and Josh Freeman as his QBs. If you’re curious about how the draft went, you can check out the results here:

I’ll keep posting about this league throughout the season since you don’t hear too much about 2 QB leagues. I think the insanity insight from the league may be helpful to to others. I’m hoping to have weekly recaps from various members in the league so you can get different insight on their teams and the rest of the league.

The first league recap will be up later this evening as I wait around for the new iPhone 5S to go on sale.

Matthew Berry’s Rookie Card 2

I used to be a huge collector of baseball (and basketball & football to a lesser degree) cards back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I stopped collecting once there were hundreds of different sets and inserts to collect. It got to be overwhelming and expensive to just build sets. I totally ignored the industry until last year when I decided to wade back in, thanks to the stellar rookie seasons of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout. I wanted to have some sort of rookie card for these guys reflect back on 20-30 years down the road. I started out with the standard 2012 Topps Series 1 packs and eventually that spread to the Topps Heritage series. Heritage is probably my favorite series since they present modern players in styles of 50s/60s/70s Topps cards.

I was happy with picking up a few packs of the both series and not really venturing in to some of the others. That is until I learned that Matthew Berry was going to have a card in the 2013 Allen & Ginter set. As a good 06010 fan, I had to get this card. I had briefly thought about buying the card on eBay so that I would sink a bunch of money in to this chase but I figured I buy a couple of packs first since the cards are interesting enough to warrant picking up some.

So, off to Target I went. I needed to pick up a few others things there so I had a reason to stop by after work. A few packs in and there wasn’t a Matthew Berry card to be seen. There were some favorites of the 06010, some personal favorites and then there were some that I felt like giving to my dog.

I was pleased with the purchase so far and was going to be satisfied, even if I didn’t get a Matthew Berry card. Then came a pack for the ages. The first card was Pele and I thought that this was pretty cool since it was part of the quirkiness of the set and the great soccer icon. Hiding underneath Pele was the prettiest card in the set: Matthew Berry. It’s a great card, the billboard it was really makes the card. The back is great as well, since it finishes the blurb with “the award-winning Fantasy Focus podcast.”

My mission was complete. I had the Matthew Berry card and I was happy. But there were still a few more cards in the pack. Tucked right in the middle of the pack and following Matthew was something thick and shiny. No, it wasn’t Big Fat Bartolo Colon, it was a Jean Segura autograph! I definitely was not expecting this. This more than pays for the packs I bought. The rest of the pack consisted of a Ruben Tejada mini and a Mark Trumbo Across The Years insert. It ended on a whimper but what a start.

I may buy a couple more packs just to see if I can get any other hits but if I don’t, I won’t be upset since I got what I was after; a Matthew Berry card.

If you buy any packs, let me know what you get.