Nate Is A Weasel

Nate Is A Weasel: Nate’s Novel, Chapter Last

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And now the conclusion of Nate Ravitz’s novel, Code Name: Action Weasel.  We have to admit, it may not be as spine-tingling as advertised.  But as the saying goes, if you had an infinite number of weasels in front of an infinite number of typewriters, they’d eventually file a plagiarism lawsuit against the monkeys.

********************     Chapter 23: Hard Justice, Nate Style     ********************

“It doesn’t look good, Señor.”

Nate Ravishing’s trusty sidekick, Enriqué, was right.  It did not look good.  His arch nemesis had his best girl captive, had them cornered, and was one step away from attaining world domination via his poisoned sports drink, Mildew Benny’s VitaWater Eau de Mildew Eau de Toilette de Mildew.  “All I have to do is press this button,” Benny explained, “and my loyal henchman Pod Vidor will start the global marketing campaign!  Bwa-ha-ha!”