2009 Baseball Board 6

Podcast Bet Nate Matthew Winner
Wager Current Current Wager
Total 12 14
Nate Matthew
3-19-2009 Over/Under 16 SBs for C. Granderson?
(16 steals is a push)
Over Under Nate
3-20-2009 Who will have more K’s? C. Zambrano D. Uggla Nate
3-20-2009 Over/Under 20 HRs for S. Choo? Under 20 HRs Over Push
3-23-2009 Who will hit more HRs? J. Francoeur S. Choo Matthew
3-23-2009 Who finishes higher on the Player Rater? A. Lind T. Snider Nate
3-24-2009 Which will happen first: A. Rodriguez 5th HR or R. Johnson 5th win? A. Rodriguez
R. Johnson Nate
3-25-2009 Who wins more 5×5 categories? J. Guthrie W. Rodriguez Matthew
3-25-2009 Who hits more HRs? Seattle OF M. Cabrera Matthew
3-25-2009 Which will U. Jimenez total more of? HRs allowed Wins Matthew
3-25-2009 Which will be higher? E. Bedard wins J. Francoeur HRs
3-25-2009 Which will be higher? P. Fielder 3Bs C. Figgins HRs
4-3-2009 Over/Under .237 BA for J. Mathis? Under Over Nate
4-6-2009 Over/Under 30 saves for B. Ziegler? Under Over Nate
4-8-2009 Who wins more 5×5 categories? A. Wainwright C. Carpenter Nate
4-15-2009 Over/Under 36.5 HRs for A. Gonzalez? Under Over Matthew
4-15-2009 Will E. Bonifacio hit 8 points higher than D. Uggla? Under Over Matthew
4-22-2009 Over/Under .245 BA for B. Wood? Under Over Push
4-24-2009 Who finishes higher on the Player Rater? J. Hardy A. Cabrera Matthew
4-28-2009 Who steals more bases? D. Fowler N. Morgan Matthew
4-30-2009 Who steals more bases? C. Granderson T. Hunter Nate
5-5-2009 Will D. Haren be a top 7 pitcher? Yes No Nate
5-6-2009 Over/Under 500 ABs for E. Bonafacio? Under Over Nate
5-6-2009 Over/Under 25 HRs for M. Holliday? Under Over Nate
5-21-2009 Over/Under 35 HRs for M. Reynolds? Under Over Matthew
6-1-2009 Over/Under 10 wins for F. Liriano? Under Over Nate
7-13-2009 Who wins more 5×5 categories after the All Star Break? D. Haren J. Lester or J. Beckett Matthew
7-28-2009 Will J. Grabow or M. Capps get traded? No Yes Matthew
7-29-2009 Who saves more games? S. Downs All other TOR pitchers
8-5-2009 Will D. Haren be a top 10 pitcher in the 2nd half? Yes No ?
  • Ronan

    Nice job, but what will Matt Restivo do now ?

  • This will come in very handy this year. Excellent work sir.

  • You should put a link to the forthcoming man’s league on here too, whenever they create it.

    • I’ll certainly add it the link to the Man’s League once it’s available.

  • Mack

    Very nice. I’m glad someone is tracking the bets!

  • Bruce Wayne

    I commend you on your efforts, sir. DOWN WITH MATT RESTIVO!!!