About 7

The site originated after I discovered that there was a need for someone to actually keep track of the board wagers that Matthew and Nate made.  The version of the board that has been kept on the ESPN website has been notoriously out of date and missing information.  The goal with this site to is keep track of these wagers and eliminate any controversy surrounding these wagers.

A special and big thank you to Greg Wolf and Ted Demianczyk for helping design and create the logos for the site.

If you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail me.

  • Vivek Patel

    I just wanted to thank you and tell you that you did a good job with this site. i searched for f.w. dales on google and i found this site. i am impressed. nice job.

  • Dave

    Hey there,

    thanks for doing this. I’m from Germany and I download and listen every day! Like the bets a lot – Berry’s gonna win this year, though.

  • Mark

    what is the origin of “06010?”

    • It’s the zip code for Bristol, CT where ESPN has its headquarters. They talked about coming up with a better name for the podcasts a long time ago since there’s a radio show also called Fantasy Focus.

  • Alyssa

    Hey Nick,
    Just wanted to say that I just found your website from TMR’s twitter and it’s awesome. I have been a long time fan of the podcast and I really enjoyed all the information you have on here. Great job, keep it up.

  • Good Job! I liked hearing you on the show this morning. …. From a fellow Eugenian and Duck Fan

  • Hugo Q

    After the spotlight on the show I decided to check out the website. Good job this is awesome.