The 06010 Board Man’s League – Entrants 2

Here’s a list of the people that have been invited to The 06010 Board Man’s League and little reasoning why they were invited.

  1. @TomTheIntern – He’s the defending champion of the 2014 Man’s League.
  2. @CarlLandra – He’s Canadian.
  3. @MOanimalcrackers – Has a greyhound, veteran of the 2013 Man’s League.
  4. @celtictso – Aka Suck up to Steffie Tom. Wouldn’t hear the end of it if he wasn’t in. Unofficially, the Pod Vader of this league.
  5. @ryanlmarchand – Needed another Canadian to meet the division quota.
  6. @Sean_Rosales – Promised pictures of his Shiba Inu’s.
  7. @ComboMeals – Did great work with the twitter account and “Hey! It’s a combo meal!”
  8. @TheRealPodVader – Not sure who this guy is or how he got in.
  9. @JGuntherDC – Certified EMT, can help out with any injuries we have during the season.
  10. @FloundOfPesh – Wrote song lyrics to the tune of something that flew over my head. Impressive effort regardless.
  11. @DanielDopp – He’s got a better beard than myself.
  12. @JoelASchnell – Promised homemade BBQ sauce.
  13. @mromang – Adds some International flair to the league by being Swiss (No offense Canada). Also one of my favorite WWE superstars is the Swiss Superman, Cesaro.
  14. @broximo – I learned from him that maple syrup is available in cans in Canada!
  15. @myslas – From Sweden, which is apparently the Canada of Europe…and we need more Canadians!

The league is now full but I still have applications on hand in case someone has to drop out.