Gore-Hyde Controversy 1

I’m not a statistician but I play one on the Internet. Matthew brought up the Frank Gore-Carlos Hyde wager on the podcast today and I got me to double check my work. I discovered that Matthew was correct but so is Nate.

It all depends on your definition of the what the red zone is. To ESPN, it’s from the 19 yard line to the goal line. To Rotowire, it’s from the 20 yard line to the goal line. Including/excluding that one yard makes a difference.

If you go by the stats on ESPN, you will see that Carlos Hyde had more carries in the red zone.

Carlos Hyde
Frank Gore

On the other hand, Rotowire shows that Frank Gore had more carries in the red zone.


I consider the red zone to be from the 20 yard line to the goal line. In this case, I would have to grant Nate the win. I’ll leave it up for them to decide who the winner is and hopefully it won’t incite War By The Shore III.

  • Dan

    I’ve never seen the red zone defined as the area between the 19 yard line and the end zone. Every definition I can find online says that the red zone is the portion of the field between the 20-yard line and the goal line. I think the stats that Rotowire’s publishing are what’s really being wagered in the bet and, agreeing with you, Nate wins.