2014 Baseball Man’s League Details

UPDATED: The details for the 2014 baseball Man’s League were announced on today’s podcast. Since many of you still only download and do not listen here are the details.

  • The draft date is Thursday, March 27th @ 8:00PM Eastern
  • It’s a 20 team league, H2H mixed
  • The scoring format will be 6×6 (based upon Tristan’s 6×6 league) (OBP, SLG, R, HR, RBI, SB, QS, K/9, IP, SV, ERA, WHIP)
  • Eric, Tristan and Pod Vader will have teams in the league
  • The name of the league is still up debate but it’s still being called the Man’s League for now
  • If you want to get in to the Man’s League, send an email to fantasyfocus@espnradio.com. Just be creative in your email and try to impress them. Make sure you put “Man’s League” in the subject line.

Good luck to all that apply!