Taylor Swift and the Swifty 4

taylor-swift-patriots-jerseyOutside of the 06010, a Swifty is a Taylor Swift fan. But within the 06010 universe, a Swifty is going to be the name of some sort of feat in football. Nate suggested a passing and rushing TD for a QB and Matthew suggested a receiving and rushing TD.

The feat hasn’t been decided but it there will be some thing that signifies a Swifty. What do you think a Swifty should be? Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

  • THE TMR Defender

    I’m going to stick with my original suggestion of a combined 3TD. Rare, like the Dirty/Daisy Fuentes, but not so rare that we see it only once a season.

  • 06010 Bored

    Three TDs but earned in at least two different ways (passing, rushing, receiving, returning).

  • salute your cecil shorts

    if they want a passing + rushing TD, it may as well be called the Newton. i think the swiftie should be something that guys like Woodhead, McCoy, Charles, Bush, and Forte get – basically the swift, crafty, pass-catching RBs.

    how about 150 total yards and 2+ combined TDs?

  • Jeremy

    swifty: when the QB is the leading rusher for the game