2013 Baseball Board Recap

I enjoyed this year’s baseball board quite a bit. I think it was the best mix of everything that the podcast has represented over the years. There was a large number of nonsense bets, fantasy irrelevant bets, a few that went down to the wire, Kyle Blanks and a sensible amount of 5×5 category bets (these were always the worst to track). This year’s board also got more people involved as our Friday hosts, Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft made their own set of wagers. Tristan must’ve liked making wagers so much that even he and Nate had their own wagers. To start off the recap, let’s take a look at what Nate and Tristan wagered on.

Nate & Tristan’s Board:

  1. Over/Under 21.5 RBIs for Norichika Aoki from 7-17-13 on?
    Aoki gave this a bit of a run towards the end and finished with 18 RBI.
    Winner: Under (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Under (58%)
  2. Who has more HRs from 7-30-13 on: Raul Ibanez or Yoenis Cespedes?
    One homerun in August killed Ibanez’s chances at winning the bet. Cespedes ended up hitting 10 HRs to Ibanez’s 5 during this time period.
    Winner: Cespedes (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Cespedes (77%)

Tristan ends up winning the board 2-0. It was nice to see Nate and Tristan make their own wagers since they did enough podcasts together to warrant them.

Eric & Tristan’s Board:

  1. Over/Under 25 saves for Jose Valverde?
    This started out well for Eric but then Detroit realized who they had as their closer. Valverde finished with 9 saves.
    Winner: Under (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Under (72%)
  2. Over/Under 3.55 ERA for Clay Buchholz?
    Buchholz’s injury changed the outcome of the bet. He essentially missed 3 months of starts and probably would’ve regressed closer to a 3.00 ERA. Even with only 16 starts, he finished with a 1.74 ERA.
    Winner: Under (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Under (51%)
  3. Over/Under .250 BA for Ike Davis?
    Davis was a complete mess this year and ended getting demoted to the minors. He finished with a .205 batting average.
    Winner: Under (Eric)
    Fan Vote: Under (77%)
  4. Who has more saves in 2013: Joel Hanrahan or Andrew Bailey?
    Hanrahan’s season was over in early May and Bailey was healthy and competent enough to win 8-4.
    Winner: Bailey (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Bailey (75%)
  5. Will Manny Machado be a top 50 player on the Player Rater?
    Machado was a top 50 player for probably half the season and then he ran in to the rookie wall and his production fell off. He ended up at #97 on the Player Rater.
    Winner: No (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Yes (73%)
  6. Over/Under 400 AB, 23.5 HR, 75 RBI for Vernon Wells?
    This bet was a lot more interesting when Wells was playing like it was 2003. His pace fell way off and only managed to barely get 400 ABs.
    Winner: Under (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Under (54%)
  7. Over/Under .320 BA for Yasiel Puig from 7-5-13 on?
    Puig finished with a .272 BA from July 5th. This only proves Tristan’s mantra of “ride the hot streak”
    Winner: Under (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Under (72%)
  8. Who has more saves from 9-16-2013 to 9-22-2013: Mark Melancon or Chris Perez?
    Melancon had his shot to win this bet but imploded on his two save attempts. This allowed Perez to win 1-0.
    Winner: Perez (Tristan)
    Fan Vote: Melancon (63%)

Tristan almost sweeps again and wins the board 6-1. The biggest thing to take away from Eric and Tristan’s wagers is that they end up cursing the players involved. If they make wagers next year, I would strongly suggest trading away any of the players they wager on. Or they should have entirely nonsense wagers or wagers on fantasy irrelevant players.

Nate & Matthew’s Board:

  1. Which team has a higher total Player Rater value: Team Nate or Team Matthew?
    Matthew’s squad had built a huge lead early on but it slowly dissolved away as he lost a lot of players to extended injuries or suspensions. Nate ended up winning with a total team score of 75.47 to 72.27.
    Winner: Team Nate
    Fan Vote: Team Matthew (55%)
  2. Over/Under 9.5 HRs for Jacoby Ellsbury?
    Ellsbury hit his 9th HR on the final game of the season. Would he have hit another during the time he was injured in September? It’s quite possible and a heartbreaking loss for Matthew.
    Winner: Under (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Over (63%)
  3. What was the final score of the Jonas Brothers softball game?
    Matthew had the better memory as he recalled that the game was 3-0.
    Winner: Matthew
  4. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: David Wright or Evan Longoria?
    I had originally scored this in favor of Wright since I grabbed the Player Rater values on Monday morning, before the Rays/Rangers tiebreaker game. I figured that if this game didn’t count in fantasy that it wouldn’t count for the board. I didn’t expect it be included in to Player Rater value so I was wrong there. Longoria’s one RBI was enough to boost him past Wright and win 7.22 to 7.00
    Winner: Longoria (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Longoria (55%)
  5. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Jon Lester or Brandon Morrow?
    Lester just had to be competent and healthy pitcher to win this bet. Morrow was the opposite, horrible and injured. Lester cruised to a 4.35 to -2.46 win.
    Winner: Lester (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Lester (60%)
  6. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Jon Lester or Ian Kennedy?
    Same story with Kennedy except he was just ‘eh’. Lester won 4.35 to -0.30.
    Winner: Lester (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Lester (73%)
  7. Who wins more 2013 NCAA Tournament games: Michigan or Syracuse?
    I loved that this wager was decided in a head-to-head matchup. I don’t think either one had thought that it would come down to a Final Four matchup.
    Winner: Michigan (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Syracuse (53%)
  8. Over/Under 14 HRs for Brandon Belt?
    Belt quietly finished with 17 HRs. It was nice to see Belt starting to live up to a bit of the hype surrounding him.
    Winner: Over (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Under (52%)
  9. Over/Under 70 RBIs for Brandon Belt?
    Belt gave this a run at the end but just ran out of time as he finished with 67 RBIs.
    Winner: Under (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Under (65%)
  10. Who wins more 5×5 categories: Kevin Slowey or Wade LeBlanc?
    Slowey swept LeBlanc and this bet was essentially over when LeBlanc was traded to Houston. He made one outing there and then was demoted.
    Winner: Slowey (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Slowey (54%)
  11. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 5-3-2013 on: Aramis Ramirez or Ryan Zimmerman?
    Even if Ramirez hadn’t missed a month of action, I don’t think he would’ve caught Zimmerman. Zimmerman swept all the categories and dominated in HR, R and SB.
    Winner: Zimmerman (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Zimmerman (53%)
  12. Over/Under 23.5 SBs for Eric Young Jr.?
    For a while it was looking like Young wouldn’t reach 20 SBs as he lost his playing time in Colorado. Then he was traded to the Mets and was playing every day. This allowed him to finish with 46 SBs.
    Winner: Over (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Under (63%)
  13. Who has more saves from 5-13-2013 on: Junichi Tazawa or Andrew Bailey?
    Koji Uehara decided who was going to win this bet. Tazawa had a chance or two to close games but when Uehara got his chance, he didn’t give it up. Bailey won 3-0.
    Winner: Bailey (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Bailey (84%)
  14. Over/Under .285 BA for Jean Segura from 5-13-2013 on?
    Segura was hovering around the .285 mark for a while at the end of the season but ran in to another rough patch to drop his average over this period to .276
    Winner: Under (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Over (63%)
  15. Over/Under 19.5 HRs for Evan Gattis?
    The Grape crushed it September when it was looking like he wasn’t getting enough plate appearances to reach 20 HRs. He ended up with 21 HRs and was one of the better bold predictions from Matthew in the preseason.
    Winner: Over (Matthew)
    Fan Vote:  Over (79%)
  16. Which State is better: South Dakota or North Dakota?
    This wasn’t an official bet but I do recall that Nate said he would put this on the board if I could quantify some way to decide it. I made my case and left it up to the fans to decide which one was better, which I guess is a little better than asking a celebrity and a random dude to decide it.
    Winner: South Dakota (Nate)
    Fan Vote: South Dakota (52%)
  17. Which Superpower is better: Telekinesis of Super Luck?
    This was an interesting one to research and it took quite a while to find out the pros and cons of telekinesis and super luck. Like the South/North Dakota wager, it wasn’t official and I left it in the hands of the fans to decide it.
    Winner: Telekinesis (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Telekinesis (51%)
  18. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 6-20-13 on: Chase Utley or Aaron Hill?
    Utley swept this wager but one hot week from Hill and he could’ve won it 3-2 as all the categories were really close.
    Winner: Utley (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Hill (63%)
  19. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 6-25-13 on: Josh Reddick or Kyle Blanks?
    This probably the bet that will get Matthew off the Kyle Blanks bandwagon. Blanks got destroyed by essentially one big hot streak from Reddick…and barely playing at all during this time frame didn’t exactly to Blanks any favors either.
    Winner: Reddick (Nate)
    Fan Vote: Reddick (58%)
  20. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 7-9-13 on: Raul Ibanez or Alfonso Soriano?
    Speaking of hot streaks…Soriano should take Gattis’ nickname after his performance during this stretch. He out hit Ibanez by 25 pts, 24 runs, 14 HR, 42 RBI and 8 SBs.
    Winner: Soriano (Matthew)
    Fan Vote: Soriano (69%)
  21. Which Tennessee city is more famous: Memphis or Nashville (according to Hot Oatmeal Craig)?
    If it’s worth anything to Matthew, Nashville is always the first city I think of when Tennessee is mentioned.
    Winner: Memphis (Nate)
  22. Which Tennessee city is more famous: Memphis or Nashville (according to Daisy Fuentes)?
    I think Nate had sent Daisy a DM over Twitter before their interview…
    Winner: Memphis (Nate)

Nate wins their final baseball board 12-8. If you’re going to retire from a podcast where you make your own board wagers, you might as well go out on top. If there’s another baseball board, I may have to retrain my brain to not always put the Under in the left (Nate’s) column. Thank you for recognizing my board as the go to board for you. It was an honor and sometimes a joy (I really hated the 5×5 category wagers).