The 06010 Twitter War League

I’m pretty sure that there’s only 9 other people that will be interested in this post…

I should’ve gotten this posted earlier but you know what they say about hustling…I was invited to join a league this year that sounded like it could be fun, despite the fact that I was already being really close to my limit of leagues that I could sanely manage. The concept of the league is Matthew Berry apologists vs. Pod Vader apologists. I joined the league and sided with Pod Vader since it’s easier to join The Darkside than it is to resist it.

The league is filled with a bunch of people you are probably already aware of and some others that are now going to get their 15 seconds of Internet fame.

Pod Troopers Bitter Berrys
@The06010Board @celtictso
@MatthewSalter89 @MatthewBarrier
@ThePodTroopers @THETMRDefender
@MLBactuary @DefensiveTMR
@ABrooks602 @TheRotoCop06010

Yep, Drew Brooks even got roped in to this nonsense. I can also verify that @ThePodTroopers is just one person and does not have multiple people managing his team…as far as I can tell.

The format of the league is a 2 QB league with standard scoring. Our draft was an auction and it was evident that some people did not realize the importance of QBs in this type of league. By some people, I mean only @TheTMRDefender who drafted Andrew Luck and Josh Freeman as his QBs. If you’re curious about how the draft went, you can check out the results here:

I’ll keep posting about this league throughout the season since you don’t hear too much about 2 QB leagues. I think the insanity insight from the league may be helpful to to others. I’m hoping to have weekly recaps from various members in the league so you can get different insight on their teams and the rest of the league.

The first league recap will be up later this evening as I wait around for the new iPhone 5S to go on sale.