Reviewing The Nonsense Bets

Last week, Nate had brought up nonsense bets on the podcast and he felt that he had won 70% of them. He suggested that I compile the bets and see if this was indeed true. I considered a nonsense bet to be one that had nothing to do with fantasy football/baseball or offered zero fantasy value.

Year Sport Wager Winner
2008 Baseball Who is faster from baseline to baseline to baseline? TBD
2010 Baseball Who wins American Idol? Nate
2010 Baseball Who wins the Germany vs. Spain World Cup match? Matthew
2010 Football Who has the longest punt in the DEN vs. SF game? Matthew
2011 Baseball Is Shania Twain over/under 50 years old? Nate
2011 Football Did Matthew brag about the Dolphins CB in 2010 podcast? Nate
2011 Football Who wins the NYJ vs. WAS game? Nate
2012 Baseball Who wins the 2012 Baseball Man’s League? Matthew
2013 Baseball What was the final score of the Jonas Brothers softball game? Matthew
2013 Baseball Who wins more 2013 NCAA Tournament games: Michigan or Syracuse? Nate
2013 Baseball Which State is better: North Dakota or South Dakota? TBD
2013 Baseball Which Superpower is better: Telekinesis or Super luck? TBD
2013 Baseball Which Tennessee city is more famous: Memphis or Nashville? Nate
2013 Baseball Which Tennessee city is more famous (according to Daisy Fuentes): Memphis or Nashville? Nate

If you remove the wagers that are still to be determined, Nate has a 64% winning percentage (7 wins, 4 losses). That’s just one win away from winning 70% of the nonsense wagers. In the spirit of the debate, Nate was correct in assuming that he won a large percentage of the nonsense bets.

In other nonsense bet analysis, it’s interesting to see that 11 out of the 14 nonsense wagers were made during the baseball podcast. I suspect this is due to the football season being relatively short and not allowing for a whole lot of time to bring up nonsensical things. Almost half of the wagers had nothing to do with sports in any sort of fashion. And finally, it’s been 5 years since the footrace wager was made and this still has not happened.