Weaselmania: Nate Ravitz vs. The Undertaker 1

Undertaker_with_FireStephania’s surprise of having The Undertaker call Nate a weasel and Nate’s subsequent challenge to him made my morning. I’ve been watching wrestling since the early 90’s so this interaction today brought a huge smile to my face. I thought to myself that we need to make this happen in some sort of fashion.

But until that day comes, we need to help Nate prepare for this match, otherwise he’ll be just be another victim to the Tombstone.

We’ll need to come up with the following items for Nate:

  1. An outfit – Regular ol’ street clothes won’t work since they don’t have any flair (wooo!). I’m not ruling out office attire, since it did work for Irwin R. Schyster
  2. Entrance music – It’ll have to be epic since it’s going to be hard to top The Undertaker’s entrance.
  3. A move set – What kind of moves will Nate have? More importantly, what names will he have for the moves?

Leave your thoughts in the comments. This could be epic.


I forgot to mention it but Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is an obvious choice for a manager to accompany Nate to the ring.

Here’s a few of the move suggestions from Twitter

  • Davis

    Pretty sure Nate being Nate weasels out of the match to be replaced by a ‘mystery’ wrestler that he will manage. EY gets his big break in a WM squash match! Sounds about right.