Bonafide or Bonifacio repeats as the Drop Tournament champion

iThis is starting to look like a dynasty in the making. “Bonafide or Bonifacio” repeated as The 06010 Drop Tournament champion for the 2nd year in a row. No one gave this drop any competition. I ended up facing “Dirty Fuentes” in the championship round and it was a blow out. “Bonafide or Bonifacio” won 26-11 and that was the most votes that it gave up all tournament.

On its way to the title, “Bonafide or Bonifacio” knocked off The Mailbag (52-6), Fantasy Zombie (19-4), Fantasy Goat (25-4) and The 06010 Theme song (27-6). Dirty Fuentes also steamrolled its competition but it went up against the greatest drop of all time.

What will it take to knock of the champ? The older drops seem to be entrenched as second best while the newer drops like The Weasel Song and Fantasy Whack-a-mole showed promise.

The next tournament will take place next year around the same time. Feel free to nominate drops until then.