The 2nd Annual 06010 Drop Tournament 1

Drop TrophyThe time between the end of the NFL season and the beginning of the MLB season is always a tough time of the year. There’s maybe one 06010 podcast a month, all is pretty quiet on the fantasy news front and there’s a severe shortage of nonsense. I can’t do anything about the first two items but I can certainly take care of the nonsense. It may not be March yet but it’s never too early for a good fashioned tournament.

The tournament will consist of 32 drops, split in to 4 regions (Halifax, Bristol, Ireland and Canandaigua) . It’s exactly like the NCAA tournament but there’s far less play-in games. Each round will last one week and it’ll be up to you to vote on which drop moves on to the next round each week. The winner will receive a badly photoshopped trophy with their name on it.

Who will win the championship? Which drop will have a Cinderella run? Is Canandaigua spelled correctly? Is it legal to park here? Who’s in the tournament?

Halifax Region

(1) Bonafide or Bonafacio vs. (8) Mailbag
The #1 seed is a juggernaut and can they successfully defend their championship? Their road begins against the solid Mailbag drop that features various bodily noises. Brrr!

(2) War By The Shore vs. (7) Man’s League Update
The War By The Shore had set the gold standard for drops in the early years of the 06010 and has since taken a back seat to more versatile drops. Have people forgotten about the drop entirely? Dave Bush and Barry Zito certainly have not. The Man’s League update has repetition going for it and could upset TWBTS if it campaigns hard enough with the former Man’s League contestants.
Listen to the War By The Shore:

(3) Fantasy Goat vs. (6) RGIII
The Fantasy Goat is one of those drops that always manages to garner a chuckle and is requested by many. Animal noises are tough to beat. The RGIII drop made it’s debut on the 2013 football wrap-up show. It’s the newest kid on the block and it’s my pick to win the tournament but I may be a bit biased since I too love RGIII.
Listen to the RGIII drop:

(4) Comedy Goalie vs. (5) Fantasy Zombie
The Comedy Goalie is a well produced drop and could win on technical merit alone but it’s also associated with something funny/obscene being cut from the show. That may garner some resentment with the voters. The Fantasy Zombie always reminds me of Halloween and Bartolo Colon. Mmm…candy…

Bristol Region

(1) Combo Meal vs. (8) “I was wrong” – Nate
The cousin of the Dirty Fuentes, the Combo Meal makes you want to jump out of your chair and dance. And at the same time ripping the headphones off your head and breaking your iPod. Regardless, it’s still a great drop and well deserving of a #1 seed. “I was wrong” is one of those epic drops since it’s very rare to hear Nate say that he was wrong on anything. When he does admit to being wrong, it’s seldom heard since it’s from the top of his high horse.

(2) The 06010 Theme Song by Eric Hutchinson vs. (7) The Curse of Stephania Bell
In it’s purest state (without the Pod Vader 3x or 5x edits), the 06010 theme song is a thing of beauty. It should go far in the tournament but it’s hard to count out it’s opponent, the Curse of Stephania Bell. This drop is played all too often for anyone like but it carries with it such emotion that as soon as your hear the first “DUM”, you’re already wishing you’d paid more attention to Stephania’s fantasy teams.

(3) The Jimmy Rollins Rule vs. (6) Nothing but nonsense
The Jimmy Rollins Rule is one of the grandfathers in the drop community. It’s highly useful drop and it’s still quite pleasing to the ears. However, it’s almost to the point where you need to explain who Jimmy Rollins is. The Nothing but nonsense drop contains a good mix of production elements and you’ll either love it or hate depending upon your stance on nonsense.

(4) The Closer Carousel vs. (5) “Put it on the board!” – Chuck
The Closer Carousel is nicely done drop that frames up the usual wacky situation that is the world of closers. “Put it on the board” is a personal favorite of mine for obvious reasons, aside from the RGIII, I fully endorse this drop.


(1) Dirty Fuentes vs. (8) “Wah”
Who knew that Brian Fuentes would lead to one of the best drops of all time? While we’re still waiting for the “Daisy Fuentes”, this drop more than makes up for it. I should really tally who gets the “Wah” the most on the show…

(2) Fantasy Whack-a-mole vs. (7) Hulk Hogan calling Nate a weasel
Is it just me or do you think of Caddyshack whenever “Fantasy Whack-a-mole” is played? It’s one of the newer drops and it’s goofy production fits right in the personality of the show. As far as the Hulk Hogan weasel rant goes, I’m considering the entire segment to the drop. You just can’t help but think of weasel farts whenever it’s mentioned and it would be a shame to exclude it from the tournament.
Listen to the Hulk Hogan drop:

(3) Fantasy Kryptonite vs. (6) The Buzzsaw
A new challenger enters! Fantasy Kryptonite is pretty much the show in a nutshell. It’s all about Matthew, it’s almost legitimate, has little substance and brings a smile to face of many. The Buzzsaw used to be one of the drops on the top of charts but has since been surpassed by the likes of The Dirty Fuentes, Combo Meal, etc. However, it’s one of those classic drops has earned it’s place in the drop hall of fame.

(4) The Kraken vs. #(5) “Can I Get a Funky Beat” Name Game
What’s more fun than a mythical sea creature? An audio production of what it would sound like. How awesome would it be if Jason Heyward actually took on this nickname and used it as his walkup “music”? I was originally going to have a play-in bracket for 4 Name Game drops but there’s really no point since “Can I Get a Funky Beat” was the only one that was nominated multiple times. There’s been a lot of great Name Game drops but this is probably the only one that sticks in your mind.


(1) The Weasel song by The Sheepdogs vs. (8) Weasel squeak
Just when you thought The Sheepdogs had turned their backs on the 06010, they turn face and give us their epic song about Nate being a weasel. Fittingly, the song gets to go up against the weasel squeak. It’s loved by few and hated by many due to it’s abrasive nature. The crow “kaw” was supposed to have this spot but I received a check in the mail from the Greater Seattle Weasel Foundation and a note saying “Weasel gud, crow bad. We know where u lives[sic]”.
Listen to the Sheepdogs’ song:

(2) Phone in Friday vs. (7) “Factually correct” – Chuck
The best part about Phone in Friday is that it’s probably even better when it’s used on a day other than Friday. Good ol’ Chuck makes the tournament twice with “factually correct”. Has anyone proved that Pod Vader is Chuck yet?

(3) Hard Justice vs. (6) Happy Birthday song
Some say that the Hard Justice drop is a little long and I say that those people were ruled against and hold grudges. Hard Justice’s best part is disclaimer at the end as it reminds me of sick days and watching various TV courtroom shows. The Happy Birthday song deserves credit for being just about the only song that can get everyone to sing along. The version that they use on the show is probably the pinnacle of birthday anthems.

(4) Welcome To Dumpsville vs. (5) Nate’s high horse
Welcome to Dumpsville great since we can now visualize a dump truck backing up to unload the horrible player that we held on to for way too long. What’s better than a horse neighing? A high horse neighing and then having it’s rider (Nate) getting knocked off of it. The visuals of it all really help solidify the drop.

Here’s how the rounds will play out. Voting will begin on Monday mornings, and that rounds bracket will end the following Sunday. The results will be tabulated and the next round will be set up. You can vote as often as you wish and please spread the word about the tournament.

Round 1: Friday, February 8th to Sunday, February 17th
Sweet 16: Monday, February 18th to Sunday, February 24th
Elite 8: Monday, February 25th to Sunday, March 3rd
Final 4: Monday, March 4th to Sunday, March 10th
Championship: Monday, March 11th to Sunday, March 17th

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