Nate Is A Weasel: Weasel Stomping Day

Pflugerville Weasel Stomping Day Festivities

Every year Weird Al Yankovic is invited to be the Grand Marshall of our festivities, and every year he tells us he has to clip his toenails that day.  Yet that has never abated our enthuiasm for his anti-weasel anthem “Weasel Stomping Day”.


9:00 AM, Town Square
The official Stomping Day mascot, “Pflugerville Pfester”, is brought out of his weasel den to the delight of the adoring crowd.  If Pfester sees his shadow, then the mayor crushes him immediately.  If not, then the comptroller does it.

9:01 AM, Midway opens
Come one, come all!  Swing the sledgehammer and try to ring the bell with a weasel skull!  Ride the Tilt-a-Weasel!  If we can’t guess your weight in weasel carcasses, you get the weasel carcasses!

10:00 AM
Weasel Petting Zoo opens.  For safety reasons, all children are required to wear steel-toed shoes.

11:30 AM
Mayonnaise Lawn Contest.  Celebrity judge: David Hasselhoff.

1:00 PM
Local marching bands are allowed into Petting Zoo

3:30 PM, Main Stage
“Lord of the Dance” Michael Flatley performs on a stage constructed entirely out of live weasels.  First 3 rows should bring a tarp.

5:00 PM
Steamrollers are allowed into Petting Zoo

6:00 PM, Hanover’s Draught Haus
WSD Concert is headlined by “Rabid Nate of Weasels”.  $2 off admission for each weasel pelt presented at door (limit: 100).