has a new home

I would like to proudly welcome, it’s creator Pflugerville Eric, and it’s mascot, Scruffy, to The 06010 Board.

I’ve always been impressed with the work that Eric has done with his site and it felt like would be a great fit on this site. Eric’s comedic talents will help make the site more entertaining and it will break up the monotony of all the board wagers. Oh, and it’s the first step in my plans for world domination.

Where will be able to find all of this weasel content? All the Nate Is A Weasel posts will show up in the blog feed but if you happen to miss any of them, you can check out the archives in the brand new Nate Is A Weasel menu above. The weasel audio gallery has also made its way over as well so you can listen nonstop to everyone calling Nate a weasel.

New and old Nate Is A Weasel content will continue to be published on a regular basis, so keep checking in to the site. Enjoy!


The Nate Is A Weasel mascot, Scruffy