Nate Is A Weasel: The Varmint Network 1

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In another Nate Is The Weasel Investigative Team exclusive, we are providing a sneak peek at Nate Ravitz’s WeaselFaceTM page, something previously available only to members of the secret society of Weasel Brethren.  WeaselFace (a.k.a., “The Varmint Network”) is the other social media website Zuckerberg created after weaseling his way out of the Winklevoss deal.  “I am about openness,” Zuckerberg recently declared from an undisclosed location, “and WeaselFace will allow weasels from across the globe to interact freely without having to worry about big, stupid jocks.”

To us here at NITWIT, this goes a long way toward explaining Nate’s reticence to participate in traditional social media such as Facebook and Twitter, because he’s actually spending most of his time on WeaselFace and KritterTM. But now’s your chance to see what he’s been saying about you behind your back!




Did You Know?  Zuckerberg’s original name for “WeaselFace” was “TheWeaselFace”, but he was advised to change it by a friend he later stopped speaking to, then denied royalties, then killed with a hatchet.   Later he tried changing the name to “ThatWeaselFaceTypeWebsite”, but it was taken.

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