2012 Football Board – Season Recap 1

The 2012 football board is no more. Did it come down to the wire like I’ve been predicting for the last couple of weeks or did someone run away with it? Let’s see what happened in week 17 and ended up the victor.

Please note that this was written before all the stats went final. There is a possibility that there’s a correct or I tallied up something incorrectly. I’ll double check the final board standings in the morning once everything on ESPN has gone final.

Closed Bets

  1. Over/Under 969 receiving yards for T. Smith?
    Smith finished with 855 yards. He didn’t get any yards before taking a seat on the bench.
    Fan Vote: Over (60%)
    Winner: Under (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: F. Gore or S. Jackson?
    Gore won 190-150 and finished off the season with a strong game (14 pts). Jackson’s poor start to the season is what cost him this bet.
    Fan Vote: S. Jackson (88%)
    Winner: F. Gore (Nate)
  3. Over/Under 44.5 targets for D. Branch?
    Branch finished with 29 targets. There were clearly a lot more people in front of him in New England that he wasn’t an option most of the time. His status with the team throughout the year certainly did not help him out in this bet.
    Fan Vote: Under (79%)
    Winner: Under (Matthew)
  4. Will M. Turner be a top 10 RB?
    Turner finished at #17. He was bad for most of the year but always managed to find the end zone, which boosted his value.
    Fan Vote: No (71%)
    Winner: No (Matthew)
  5. Over/Under 23.5 passing TDs for C. Palmer?
    Palmer finished with 22 TDs and was on his way to winning this bet until he suffered a rib injury. This cost him two games and the bet.
    Fan Vote: Over (56%)
    Winner: Under (Nate)
  6. Who averages more fantasy points per start: R. Wilson or A. Luck?
    Luck won 16.5 to 16.2. Wilson nearly won this bet in week 17 as he finished only 5 points behind Luck. Wilson was far more prolific than Luck towards the end of the season but his bad games at the start of the year cost him this bet.
    Fan Vote: A. Luck (78%)
    Winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  7. Over/Under 44.5 Targets for any Patriots WR (excludes Welker & Lloyd)?
    Julian Edelman led all other WRs with 32 targets. Edelman was right on pace for the 45 targets and it would’ve been interesting to see what he would’ve finished at if he hadn’t gotten injured.
    Fan Vote: Under (61%)
    Winner: Under (Matthew)
  8. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or C. Johnson?
    Johnson won 162-146. Johnson was by far the better RB for the season but he didn’t stumble in to the end zone every week like Turner. This was a lot closer than it should’ve been.
    Fan Vote: C. Johnson (64%)
    Winner: C. Johnson (Matthew)
  9. Who has more fantasy points: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    And no one wins this bet…it finished as a 85-85 tie. Ingram finished week 17 with 39 rushing yards. One more yard and he would’ve won the bet.
    Fan Vote: P. Thomas (59%)
    Winner: Push
  10. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: M. Schaub or J. Flacco?
    Flacco squeaks out a win 208-204. Schaub gave this bet away as he stumbled down the stretch. And Flacco still isn’t an elite QB…
    Fan Vote: J. Flacco (67%)
    Winner: J. Flacco (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: B. Roethlisberger or J. Flacco?
    Flacco won 208-199. Roethlisberger made a good run at it but his injury cost him the bet.
    Fan Vote: J. Flacco (67%)
    Winner: J. Flacco (Matthew)
  12. Is M. Turner a top 15 RB from week 4 on?
    Here’s the final standings.

    # Running Back Points
    1 Adrian Peterson, Min 259
    2 Doug Martin, TB 218
    3 Marshawn Lynch, Sea 198
    4 Arian Foster, Hou 193
    5 Alfred Morris, Was 188
    6 Stevan Ridley, NE 159
    7 Frank Gore, SF 154
    7 Chris Johnson, Ten 154
    9 Ray Rice, Bal 153
    10 Trent Richardson, Cle 150
    11 Jamaal Charles, KC 149
    12 Matt Forte, Chi 142
    13 C.J. Spiller, Buf 138
    14 Steven Jackson, StL 135
    15 Shonn Greene, NYJ 134
    18 Michael Turner, Atl 119

    Fan Vote: No (63%)
    Winner: No (Matthew)

  13. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 6 on: A. Dalton or A. Luck?
    Luck won 15.6-14.2. Dalton had good start to the bet but faltered the last couple of weeks but he was hanging in there for a while.
    Fan Vote: A. Luck (73%)
    Winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  14. Who has more fantasy points from week 9 on: L. Fitzgerald or D. Moore?
    Moore won 47-33. Arizona teased us in week 16 with a performance we knew Fitzgerald was capable of but week 17 was a different story. Fitzgerald was back to 2 receptions for 13 yards. Moore wasn’t all that great either but he still managed to find the end zone. This was a rather disappointing bet for multiple reasons (Fitzgerald’s wasted talent and Moore’s production taking a nosedive).
    Fan Vote: D. Moore (58%)
    Winner: D. Moore (Matthew)
  15. Who has more fantasy points in week 17: R. Bush or A. Bradshaw?
    Bradshaw easily won 20-4. New York had the easier matchup with the Eagles while Bush drew the mighty Patriots.
    Fan Vote: R. Bush (60%)
    Winner: A. Bradshaw (Matthew)
  16. Who has more fantasy points in week 17: D. Williams or J. Battle?
    DeAngelo won 33-6, which goes to show that you should never bet on Battle in a board wager. DeAngelo not only managed to win the bet but to further confuse fantasy owners for the 2013 season…especially in keeper leagues.
    Fan Vote: D. Williams (73%)
    Winner: D. Williams (Nate)

Board Results

It’s been a fun 17 weeks and after everything was said and done, Nate wins 28-26. There were closer boards but this one was by far the most interesting simply due to the sheer number of wagers made. There were 3 pushes and total of 57 bets(!) made this season. Fittingly, two of the pushes involved Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas. One yard in week 17 and nine in week 4 for Ingram and this board would’ve been tied. And speaking of Thomas-Ingram…

Hypothetical Board Results

In the hypothetical board round up (where the Ingram-Thomas weekly bet does not exist), Matthew wins 26-24.

Assuming the bet was never conceded by Matthew, Nate wins 32-30. So, Matthew conceding the bet really wouldn’t have made a difference. Sorry, Matthew, you can’t use this to help weasel your way to a board win.

The Thomas-Ingram bet was to have weekly since it brought more drama and excitement to the board. I’d like to see it return for the 2013 season for RB situations that are unclear.

Closing Thoughts

It’s been a fun fantasy football season. I finally ended my drought of fantasy football championships and I made a good showing in the Man’s League despite my horrible draft. I hope everyone managed to bring home one championship and if not, then you’ll get one next year (I promise). Thanks to Matthew, Nate, Pod Vader, Stephania and all of the other hosts & guests during the season for the hours of entertainment. It’ll be long podcast off season but baseball isn’t too far away.

Keep checking out The 06010 Board during the off season, there’s several things I have in store that I think you’ll enjoy.