2012 Football Board – Week 9 Recap

Doug. Martin.

I was watching this game in the 2nd half since there wasn’t a whole lot of action going on and I wanted to cheer on Martin, since he’s on my wife’s fantasy team. It was great to see the reaction on her face as I shouted out, “Doug Martin! TD!” every few minutes. Both of us were simply amazed at what he was doing. My wife went from being completely out of her matchup after the early games to leading afterwards. It was indeed “Whoa crazy crazy”.

But, she must’ve angered the fantasy gods somehow as she still lost her matchup 107.5 to 126.0. Her opponent even took a 0 with Jordy Nelson but everyone else managed to score at least 10 points. That’s fantasy football for you.

Closed Bets

  1. None

Open Bets

  1. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or A. Peterson?
    Peterson expanded his lead to 139-85. He continues to impress and is now running away with the bet.
    Projected winner: A. Peterson (Matthew)
  2. Over/Under 969 receiving yards for T. Smith?
    Smith has 481 yards and that’s puts him on pace for 962 yards. The Ravens offense is frustrating as Smith just cannot to consistent production. I’m really starting to get concerned that he’ll be able to reach 969 yards. He’s still on pace…for now.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: R. Wayne or P. Garcon?
    Wayne pushed his lead to 96-26 after another week of inactivity for Garcon. Barring some sort of miracle, Wayne has this all wrapped up.
    Projected winner: R. Wayne (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: F. Gore or S. Jackson?
    Both were on BYE. Gore still leads 94-52.
    Projected winner: F. Gore (Nate)
  5. Over/Under 44.5 targets for D. Branch?
    Branch was on BYE. He’s has 12 targets and that puts him on pace for 24.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  6. Will M. Turner be a top 10 RB?
    Turner moves up two spots to #16. He’s got his work cut out for him and seeing as the Falcons appear to be a lock for the playoffs, he may get a lighter load towards the end of the season and that’ll cut in to his production.
    Projected winner: No (Matthew)
  7. Over/Under 3,500 passing yards for C. Palmer?
    Palmer has 2,355 yards and is on pace for 4,710 yards. With McFadden out, Palmer may reach 3,500 in three weeks.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 passing TDs for C. Palmer?
    Palmer threw 4 TDs in week 9, upping his total to 13. This puts him on pace for 26 TDs. Given the injury problems at RB, he’s got a good chance to up his TD total over the next couple of weeks. I’m still a bit leery of him reaching 24 TDs.
    Projected winner: Under (Nate)
  9. Over/Under 7.5 wins for the NY Jets?
    The Jets were on BYE and still sit at 3 wins for the year.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  10. Who averages more fantasy points per start: R. Wilson or A. Luck?
    Luck leads 17.5 to 11.6. Both guys are playing pretty well at this time but Luck just throws the ball a ton more and has a higher fantasy point upside.
    Projected winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: M. Wallace or A. Brown?
    Wallace leads 79-50. Brown went down with an injury in week 9 and we’ll have to see how much that affects him in the next couple of weeks. But that’s enough for me to change my position on this bet.
    Projected winner: M. Wallace (Nate)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: M. Schaub or J. Cutler?
    Schaub leads 113-101. I just can’t trust Cutler to not have horrendous games. Schaub is much more safer and consistent.
    Projected winner: M. Schaub (Nate)
  13. Is D. McFadden a top 3 RB (using ppg)?
    McFadden is at #19. Week 9 did not count since he left the game due to injury. The only real shot Matthew has in this bet is if McFadden is done for the year. He hasn’t played 8 full games yet so the bet isn’t valid. If he’s out of the year then the bet is a push. Otherwise, it’ll take a few Doug Martin-esque games to vault to the top 3.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  14. Who will have more carries: M. Jones-Drew or M. Lynch?
    Lynch leads 185-86. Lynch should easily win this as it’s unknown when MJD will return, if at all.
    Projected winner: Lynch (Matthew)
  15. Over/Under 44.5 Targets for any Patriots WR (excludes Welker & Lloyd)?
    New England was on BYE in week 9. The top alternate, Edelman has 19 targets and is on pace 38 targets.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  16. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or C. Johnson?
    Johnson leads 91-88. Johnson appears to be back and should continue to perform well. I don’t trust Turner and like I said earlier I can easily see his workload lighten up in preparation for the playoffs.
    Projected winner: C. Johnson (Matthew)
  17. Who has more fantasy points: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    Thomas leads 49-23. The Saints backfield is a complete mess and you can’t trust anyone to perform on a consistent basis. A 26 point lead should be big enough for Thomas to hold on.
    Projected winner: P. Thomas (Nate)
  18. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: M. Schaub or J. Flacco?
    Schaub leads 99-92. I can’t trust Flacco any more. His production is all over the place. 12 fantasy points against CLE is disappointing.
    Projected winner: M. Schaub (Nate)
  19. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: B. Roethlisberger or J. Flacco?
    Roethlisberger leads 125-92. Each week Roethlisberger pulls away a little bit more.
    Projected winner: B. Roethlisberger (Nate)
  20. Is M. Turner a top 15 RB from week 4 on?
    Here’s the latest standings.

    # Running Back Points
    1 Doug Martin, TB 115
    2 Adrian Peterson, Min 101
    3 Arian Foster, Hou 89
    4 Chris Johnson, Ten 83
    5 Marshawn Lynch, Sea 80
    6 Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG 70
    6 Trent Richardson, Cle 70
    8 Stevan Ridley, NE 68
    9 LeSean McCoy, Phi 66
    10 Shonn Greene, NYJ 63
    10 Alfred Morris, Wsh 63
    12 Willis McGahee, Den 61
    12 Matt Forte, Chi 61
    14 Michael Turner, Atl RB 58
    14 Frank Gore, SF 58

    Projected winner: Yes (Nate)

  21. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 6 on: A. Dalton or A. Luck?
    Luck leads 15.8 to 13.0. Luck is now the #7 QB in fantasy, I just traded for him so I’m all aboard the Luck bandwagon.
    Projected winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  22. Who has more fantasy points from week 9 on: L. Fitzgerald or D. Moore?
    Fitzgerald leads 13-6 after one week. Moore is an emerging WR but I still prefer Fitzgerald. He’s an elite talent and there’ll be a few games where he’s awesome. I like Moore but I find it hard to believe that he could have a 20+ point week.
    Projected winner: L. Fitzgerald (Nate)
  23. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 10 on: R. Wilson or J. Cutler?
    For the season, Cutler is averaging 12.6 pts to Wilson’s 11.6. I’m leaning towards Cutler at this point since he’s got a great WR in Marshall and that’ll help him have better fantasy days.
    Projected winner: J. Cutler (Matthew)
  24. Over/Under 2.5 INTs for C. Palmer in week 10?
    Palmer goes up against Baltimore, who has 9 INTs (tied for #8 in the NFL). Given how much Palmer will probably throw this week, he’s bound to be picked off. However, I do think it’ll only be twice, but I would be surprised if he throws 3.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)

Closing Thoughts

Nate leads the board 12-4. With projections, Nate will win 23-17. It’s still early enough in the NFL season that the board could easily start going in Matthew’s favor.