2012 Football Board – Week 11-12 Recap 2

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has enjoyed the following week of turkey meals. I won’t go in to too much detail in this recap since a lot has happened over the last two weeks. I also apologize for this coming out a few days late and I’ll make a better effort to have the week 13 recap out next Tuesday.

Closed Bets

  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 11: D. Bowe or B. Lloyd?
    Bowe ended up leaving the game due to injury and was unable to accumulate any points. Lloyd won 4-0.
    Fan Vote: B. Lloyd (69%)
    Winner: B. Lloyd (Matthew)
  2. Who has more fantasy points in week 11: J. Freeman or C. Newton?
    Freeman needed to win by 2.5 points to take this bet and he did so by the narrowest of margins, 21-18.
    Fan Vote: J. Freeman (81%)
    Winner: J. Freeman (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points in week 12: J. Freeman or C. Newton?
    A rematch from the week 11 wager. It was a blow out this time around as Newton won 37-10.
    Fan Vote: Split (50%)
    Winner: C. Newton (Matthew)

Open Bets

  1. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or A. Peterson?
    Peterson leads 175-104. It’ll take an injury to Peterson and some whoa crazy crazy weeks from Turner for this bet to be remotely close.
    Projected winner: A. Peterson (Matthew)
  2. Over/Under 969 receiving yards for T. Smith?
    Smith has 699 yards and that’s puts him on pace for 1,017 yards. He’s still on pace to go over 969 yards so I’ll keep believing but the 1 reception for 7 yards in week 11 is concerning.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: R. Wayne or P. Garcon?
    Wayne leads 122-41. Garcon is finally back but it’s probably too late for him to catch up at this point.
    Projected winner: R. Wayne (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: F. Gore or S. Jackson?
    Gore leads 125-91. Jackson has played better recently and he’ll need to keep it up if he wants to make this bet interesting. I can see a scenario where Daryl Richardson gets a start or two at the end of the season as a means of a tryout for the 2013 season.
    Projected winner: F. Gore (Nate)
  5. Over/Under 44.5 targets for D. Branch?
    Branch is at 20 targets and was recently cut by New England.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  6. Will M. Turner be a top 10 RB?
    Turner is at #16 but is still showing that he’s a top 20 RB and not a top 10 RB.
    Projected winner: No (Matthew)
  7. Over/Under 3,500 passing yards for C. Palmer?
    Palmer has 3,181 passing yards. He’s on pace for 4,627 yards. He should go over 3,500 in week 13 against the Browns.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 passing TDs for C. Palmer?
    Palmer has 18 TDs and is on pace for 26. He throws the ball so much that I think he’ll luck in to several multi-TD weeks.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  9. Over/Under 7.5 wins for the NY Jets?
    The Jets are at 4 wins and now have a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way (ARI, @JAX, @TEN, SD, @BUF). They’ve got a chance to reach 8 wins but winning 4 out of 5 games will be tough considering their longest winning streak is 1 game this year.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  10. Who averages more fantasy points per start: R. Wilson or A. Luck?
    Luck leads 16.7 to 12.6. Wilson has played better recently but his week 4 (1 pt), 5 (9 pts) and 7 (3 pts) games will cause him to lose this bet.
    Projected winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: M. Wallace or A. Brown?
    Wallace leads 86-50…which is what I had written two weeks ago. Big Ben may be back this week so we might get some movement but Wallace has a pretty solid lead at this point in the season.
    Projected winner: M. Wallace (Nate)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: M. Schaub or J. Cutler?
    Schaub leads 167-110 thanks in part to a huge week 11 performance (37 pts). That should be plenty of points for Schaub to win this bet.
    Projected winner: M. Schaub (Nate)
  13. Is D. McFadden a top 3 RB (using ppg)?
    McFadden is at #14. He keeps creeping up on the list but he’s a long ways away from the top 3.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  14. Who will have more carries: M. Jones-Drew or M. Lynch?
    Lynch leads 231-86.
    Projected winner: Lynch (Matthew)
  15. Over/Under 44.5 Targets for any Patriots WR (excludes Welker & Lloyd)?
    Julian Edelman leads all other WRs with 29 targets and is on pace for 42. This bet will come down to week 17.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  16. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or C. Johnson?
    Johnson leads 120-104. You’d think that Johnson would have a bigger lead but Turner keeps stumbling in to fantasy points somehow. Johnson is the more consistent back and one of these weeks he’ll add another 10 point gap over Turner.
    Projected winner: C. Johnson (Matthew)
  17. Who has more fantasy points: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    Thomas leads 55-43. Ingram is getting more work now but not enough to really make a difference each week. It’s hard to say what will happen in New Orleans so a 12 point lead is pretty commanding. I ultimately think that someone will win this bet by a few points and scoring less than 70 points.
    Projected winner: P. Thomas (Nate)
  18. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: M. Schaub or J. Flacco?
    Schaub leads 153-145. This one will probably go down to the wire with the lead switching a few times. I’d still rather have Schaub since I feel he’s more consistent than Flacco.
    Projected winner: M. Schaub (Nate)
  19. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: B. Roethlisberger or J. Flacco?
    Flacco leads 145-133 after Roethlisberger has missed the last few weeks to injury. If Ben can come back in week 14, he should have enough time to retake the lead in week 16 or so. If he’s not back soon, then Flacco will win by being healthy.
    Projected winner: J. Flacco (Matthew)
  20. Is M. Turner a top 15 RB from week 4 on?
    Here’s the latest standings.

    # Running Back Points
    1 Doug Martin, TB 157
    2 Adrian Peterson, Min 137
    2 Arian Foster, Hou 137
    4 Chris Johnson, Ten 111
    5 Stevan Ridley, NE 106
    6 Marshawn Lynch, Sea 102
    7 Trent Richardson, Cle 99
    8 Frank Gore, SF 96
    9 Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG 91
    10 Alfred Morris, Was 87
    11 LeSean McCoy, Phi 84
    12 Jamaal Charles, KC 80
    13 Shonn Greene, NYJ 79
    14 Michael Turner, Atl 77
    15 3 Tied 76

    Projected winner: Yes (Nate)

  21. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 6 on: A. Dalton or A. Luck?
    Dalton leads 17.7 to 15.3. Dalton has been great recently and it sure it nice to be throwing to AJ Green.
    Projected winner: A. Dalton (Nate)
  22. Who has more fantasy points from week 9 on: L. Fitzgerald or D. Moore?
    Moore leads 29-17. As a person, I like Fitzgerald a lot and he doesn’t deserve to be in Arizona’s situation. He’s a greater talent than Moore but I do not trust whoever the QB of the week is in Arizona to get him the ball.
    Projected winner: D. Moore (Matthew)
  23. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 10 on: R. Wilson or J. Cutler?
    Wilson leads 17.5 to 9.0. The 0 point game Cutler took in week 10 will cause him to lose the bet.
    Projected winner: R. Wilson (Nate)
  24. Will the NY Giants win at least 10 games and the NFC East?
    The Giants are currently 7-4 and have a 2 game lead over Dallas and Washington. Eli looked better in week 12 so the Giants should be a little more trustworthy. I’m still not entirely confident that they’ll win 10 games. I do think they’ll win the NFC East but with 9 wins.
    Projected winner: No (Matthew)

Closing Thoughts

Nate leads the board 13-7, but Matthew cut in to Nate’s lead over the last two weeks by going 2-1. With projections, Nate will win 23-21. It’s looking like this board will shape up to be going down to the wire and should be fairly exciting.

In the hypothetical board round up (where the Ingram-Thomas weekly bet does not exist), Nate leads 9-7. With projections, Matthew will win 21-19.

  • You should do a hypothetical option if the Thomas/Ingram bet never got called off and/or if it was put back on when TMR requested.

    • I’ll probably do that in the final recap.