The 06010 Drinking Game Results

If you caught it on Twitter, I threw it out there that we should play The 06010 Drinking Game during the 2012 Baseball Wrap-up show. I just finally got a chance to play the game and I tabulated the results. I was played the game with coffee because it was in the morning and didn’t want to be worthless for the rest of the day.

Phrase/Action Instances Results
“Factually Correct” 4 4 sips
“In the year of Mike Trout” 2 2 sips
“Listen…” 4 4 sips
“Your boyfriend…” 2 2 sips
“Put it on the board!” 1 1 sip
“Combo meal” 17 17 sips
17 bites of food
“Fair enough” 8 8 sips
“Peace out” 1 1 sip
Pod Vader uses the Sean Connery voice 1 1 sip, out of a martini glass
Matthew uses the Pedro Alvarez voice 4 4 sips of Italian soda/grape juice
Matty’s Dating Advice corner 2 2 sips
2 sips poured out
Nate cuts of Matthew to speed up the show 3 3 sips
TOTAL 45 sips
4 sips Italian soda/grape juice
17 bites of food

So there you have it, if you played along I’m not so sure you made it all the way to the end of the show. The “combo meal” discussion will destroy everyone playing along. There might have been more “fair enough” mentions if Matthew hadn’t become self-conscious about it.

Someone will need to play the game with a regular podcast since there were a lot of phrases that weren’t used. Which makes me wonder if the game needs to be streamlined or have a specific game for each podcast. I found it a little difficult to keep track of all the quotes and listen for them during the show. What were your experiences with it?