2012 Baseball Board – Season Recap 1

In the year of Mike Trout…there were not any wagers involving Mike Trout. I find that a little odd considering Matthew’s love for Trout. But in this crazy season, it just goes to show that anything is possible.

This year’s board was a little light on bets (21) but it was a joy to keep compared to last year’s board. Out were all the 5×5 bets and in came the Player Rater bets. My favorite bet of the year was the Man’s League bet since it really gives the members something additional to play for. What bet(s) were your favorite? Who do you think won the board? Well, let’s find out (assuming you didn’t read my tweet on Wednesday night).

Closed Wagers:

  1. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Y. Gallardo or I. Kennedy?
    This was a fairly close bet all year long and it was really Gallardo’s August that put this one out of reach. Gallardo won 5.23 to 4.18.
    Fan Vote: Y. Gallardo (53%)
    Winner: Y. Gallardo (Nate)
  2. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: D. Fister or J. Garcia?
    Garcia’s injuries cost him this bet. Fister had 6 more starts than Garcia and was just a little bit better in the ratio categories. The bet really would’ve been a lot closer had Garcia not missed all that time. Fister won 4.12 to 0.81
    Fan Vote: J. Garcia (63%)
    Winner: D. Fister (Nate)
  3. Over/Under 450 ABs for R. Ibanez?
    It started out so promising for Ibanez and then the Yankees started resting him. Which makes sense for a veteran player and wanting to save him for the Playoffs. Ibanez finished with 384 ABs.
    Fan Vote: Under (64%)
    Winner: Under (Nate)
  4. Who will win the 2012 baseball Man’s League?
    Meat Market Eliott ended up winning 6-4 and taking home the victory for Team Matthew. I enjoyed this format and it should be something that they do in future seasons, since it also gets Nate and Matthew invested in the league.

    Fan Vote: Team Nate (58%)
    Winner: Meat Market Eliott (Matthew)
  5. Who will have more saves: J. Broxton or G. Holland?
    Broxton locked this up once the Royals gave him the opportunity at closer. Broxton was great in the role and shut the door on Holland picking up any scraps while he was in Kansas City. Holland made a late push at the bet but he just didn’t have enough time to catch up. Broxton easily won 27-16.
    Fan Vote: J. Broxton (55%)
    Winner: J. Broxton (Nate)
  6. Will R. Delgado have over/under 11 starts?
    Delgado wrapped up this wager early in the season and finished with 17 starts.
    Fan Vote: Over (71%)
    Winner: Over (Matthew)
  7. Will A. Bailey have over/under 19.5 saves?
    Bailey’s injury really destroyed this bet for Matthew. Bailey did return late in the season but only managed to pick up 6 saves for Pod Vader’s horrible Red Sox.
    Fan Vote: Under (88%)
    Winner: Under (Nate)
  8. Who will win the Tout Wars $1 draft?
    The guys split this wager 5-5. WHIP and BA were the only categories that were contested.
    Fan Vote: Nate (75%)
    Winner: Push
  9. Who will win more 5×5 categories: R. Detwiler or B. Beavan?
    Detwiler won 4 of the 5 categories and surprisingly, Beavan made a run at this wager. Beavan was essentially out of it after he was demoted for a while but strung together some good starts almost snuck out a victory. He finished only 12 innings, and 0.04 WHIP behind.
    Fan Vote: R. Detwiler (70%)
    Winner: R. Detwiler (Nate)
  10. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: A. Jackson or B. Boesch?
    Jackson may have lead this wire to wire and was never in jeopardy of losing this wager. Jackson won this 7.23 to 1.13.
    Fan Vote: A. Jackson (82%)
    Winner: A. Jackson (Nate)
  11. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: C. Pena or K. Morales?
    Hitting .197 is what killed Pena’s chances in this bet. Other than that their other categories were very similar. Morales won 3.85 to 0.30.
    Fan Vote: K. Morales (59%)
    Projected winner: K. Morales (Matthew)
  12. Over/Under 18 SBs for J. Heyward?
    When it was all said and done, Heyward finished with 21 SBs. He did his damage in just 3 months (April, July and August) where he picked up 17 SBs.
    Fan Vote: Over (58%)
    Winner: Over (Matthew)
  13. Who has more saves from 4-30-12 on: Any single White Sox P or H. Santiago?
    Matthew gambled on Santiago regaining the closer’s role and lost big time. Addison Reed took the role and finished with 29 saves, to Santiago’s 0.
    Fan Vote: Any single White Sox P (86%)
    Winner: Any single White Sox P (Nate)
  14. Over/Under 3.75 for C. Zambrano from 5-14-12 on?
    After his hot start, Zambrano was back to being horrible. He finished with a 5.98 ERA from May 14th.
    Fan Vote: Over (76%)
    Winner: Over (Nate)
  15. Will J. Reddick be a top 35 OF on the Player Rater?
    Reddick had this wrapped up, until September came around and hit .164 for the month. He was a top 20 OF up until that point and slid all the way down to #42. Matthew was correct on Reddick but for 6 of the 7 months.
    Fan Vote: No (62%)
    Winner: No (Nate)
  16. Will B. Beachy be a top 20 SP on the Player Rater?
    Another bet that was lost by Matthew thanks to injury. Beachy was definitely on his way to being a top 20 SP and with his injury he finished at #52.
    Fan Vote: No (57%)
    Winner: No (Nate)
  17. Over/Under 17 HRs for G. Beckham?
    Beckham was the definition of ‘meh’ but he managed to keep the power going. He almost won this bet for Matthew but finished just shy, with 16 HRs.
    Fan Vote: Under (67%)
    Winner: Under (Nate)
  18. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 6-25-12 on: K. Youkilis or W. Middlebrooks?
    If Middlebrooks hadn’t gotten injured, he very well could’ve won this wager. Youkilis didn’t exactly have an impressive transition to Chicago but when your opponent doesn’t play, it’s easy to rack up the counting categories. Youkilis won 3-2 (R, HR, RBI).
    Fan Vote: K. Youkilis (61%)
    Winner: K. Youkilis (Nate)
  19. Who wins more 5×5 categories from 6-25-12 on: T. Bauer or A. Burnett?
    Bauer had a horrible MLB debut and was sent back down to the minors after 3 bad starts (with one good start). In that time frame, Burnett was just a shade better and ended up sweeping all the categories with this stat line (25.0 IP, 2 W, 24 K, 5.40 ERA, 1.48 WHIP).
    Fan Vote: A. Burnett (67%)
    Winner: A. Burnett (Matthew)
  20. Who will have more saves from 8-30-12: R. Belisario or J. Guerra?
    Guerra actually started this bet in the minors, got recalled, got injured and finished the season on the DL. Belisario did not pick up any saves as Brandon League assumed the closer’s role. Both players finished with 0 saves.
    Fan Vote: R. Belisario (64%)
    Winner: Push
  21. Over/Under 4.5 HRs for M. Reynolds from 9-5-12 on?
    Reynolds got hot at the right time and managed to knock out 6 HRs for Matthew.
    Fan Vote: Over (55%)
    Winner: Over (Matthew)

By September, it was pretty evident that Nate had this board all wrapped up. Nate dominated the board and ended up winning 13-6. There wasn’t one common thing that was Matthew’s downfall, unlike previous years. Rather, it was just some bad luck (Beachy, Bailey, Middlebrooks) that contributed the most to Matthew’s board loss. If he wins those three wagers then it’s only a 10-9 win for Nate. Could this have caused Matthew to make some more wagers in attempt to pick up some more wins? It’s possible but knowing the types of wagers Matthew makes when he’s seeking them out, it probably would not have ended well for him.

*Note: I updated the summary statement to address Nate’s objection to it. I did so in order to clarify my thoughts on the board.