The 06010 Drinking Game 10

On Monday’s baseball podcast, there was further discussion about The 06010 Drinking Game. This was the second (or third) time that it’s been brought up so it’s not one of those fly by night things. So, we need to figure out what phrases will make the game, and their rankings. Oh and by drinking, I’m of course referring to Coke Zero.

Here’s some phrases to get us started. Once we get this all ironed out we can choose a day at random to have it active. I’ll also dedicate a special page for this for everyone to play along at their own.

  • “Peace out”
  • “Factually correct”
  • “In the year of Mike Trout”
  • “Shut up, Pod”
  • “You’re a weasel, Nate” or “Nate, you’re a weasel”
  • “Ride the streak”
  • “Combo meal”
  • “High horse”
  • “Bitter Berry”
  • “Listen” – Matthew
  • “Your boyfriend”
  • “Curse of Stephania Bell”
  • “It depends upon what type of league you’re in”
  • “Wide receiver is crazy deep”
  • “Fair enough” – Nate
  • Matthew mentioning Mike Trout in a certain keeper league
  • Someone gets comedy goalied
  • Matthew uses the Nate, Stephania, or Pedro Alvarez voice
  • Someone uses the lack of sleep as an excuse for something
  • Matty’s dating advice corner
  • “Stephania’s terrible 49ers”
  • Matthew rants about the Redskins
  • Matthew brings up his 16 team, Howard Stern league
  • Someone referencing their followers on Twitter
  • “just download, don’t listen”
  • “Put it on the board!”
  • “I’m no Stephania Bell”
  • “Wacko for Flacco”
  • Divito

    I think anytime Matthew does the Stephania voice or Nate voice should be a drink

  • Troy

    You can’t leave out Matthew complaining about losing Mike Trout in his AL only League…that should be 3 shots alone

    • Drink everything in sight with that one.

    • Empty the cupboards with that one.

  • m

    How about any time Nate says “fair enough”

  • Spice

    Anytime Matthew says, “To your point”

  • Patrick

    “I’m no Stephania Bell” = 1 glug. “I’m not even *the* Stephania Bell.” = 2 glugs.

  • Brenna

    Don’t forget Matthew’s favorite “fantasy whack-a-mole” or how could anyone ever forget “woah crazy crazy”

  • Each ring of THE Stephania bell, Matthew says “Outrageous”, acknowledgement of a long-time listener (bonus for Tovi or Ronan references) when reading an e-mail, every Matthew makes a big ***YAWN***, references to Texas A&M, Syracuse, Michigan, pod’s Emory, or the Mayor of College Station, TX.

    With this many phrases/drops/ramblings we might as well come up with a bingo game for those that do more than download.

    • You read my mind with the Bingo game. I just need to find some software or figure out a way to program one for the site.