Quick Baseball Board Update

I’ll have a more complete board update soon but I just ran through the baseball wagers and it looks like Nate will take the board 13-7-1. There’s a lot of wagers that are pretty much wrapped up and the following are the only ones that still have a chance to go either way. They are also Matthew’s only shot at winning the board.

  1. Gallardo vs. Kennedy (Player Rater)
    Nate is leading this by a 1.88 margin but let’s say Kennedy is lights out and Gallardo get rocked for his last couple starts. This then could end up going Matthew’s way.
  2. Team Nate vs. Team Matthew (Man’s League)
    Matthew has 3 guys in the playoffs to Nate’s 1. The odds are in Matthew’s favor to win this one.
  3. Tout Wars $1 Draft
    It’s tied up at 5-5 with all categories locked up except ERA, where Nate leads by 0.4. Nate has all relievers so this won’t change too much. Matthew has the mighty Joe Blanton and he could toss a couple of shutouts and lower Matthew’s team ERA just enough to take the category.
  4. Over/Under 17 HRs for Gordon Beckham
    Beckham needs to go on a Mark Reynolds-esque hot streak and power out 5 more homeruns this month. If he does this then the bet is Matthew’s.
  5. Belisario vs. Guerra (Saves)
    Let’s say that Belisario keeps his current role and doesn’t record any saves, Guerra comes back off the DL and replaces a horrendous Brandon League. Then he proceeds to picks up one save to win this for Matthew.
  6. Over/Under 4.5 HRs for Mark Reynolds from 9-5-12
    He’s only two HRs away from winning this for Matthew and will probably do that this weekend.

It’s a long shot that Matthew will win #1, 3, 4 and 5 but weird things have happened.