Name Game: A.J. Burnett, 2013 CI

Nate Matthew
vs. A. Griffin Griffin
vs. D. Straily Burnett
vs. R. Detwiler Detwiler
vs. S. Diamond Burnett
vs. C. Richard ?
vs. D. Phelps ?

If I needed strikeouts, I’d probably hang on to Burnett. Otherwise, if I wanted a more solid pitcher, I’d go with Detwiler. I’ve liked him all season and appears to be fairly reliable.

AL-Only 1B/3B for 2013 
Nate Matthew
M. Reynolds vs. M. Moustakas Moustakas
M. Moustakas vs. C. Carter Moustakas
M. Moustakas vs. K. Seager Moustakas

I’d rather have Moustakas next year. Reynolds is a BA sinkhole and I don’t think he’ll have much of a role on the Orioles next year. I’d like to see more from Carter and Seager before I buy in to them. I’d like to see them perform for another half season before I’d consider them over Moustakas.

Podcast: 9-7-12