2012 Football Board – Week 2 Recap

As I was preparing this post on Monday night, I fully prepared to go off on a Matthew Berry-esque rant. Like Matthew, I’m a diehard Redskins fan so I shared all of the sentiments that he expressed on the Monday podcast. I probably made my dog blush after Josh Morgan made his bonehead play with the cursing I throwing out. I still had that simmering in my system when Monday Night Football started. I went in to the game with a 19 point lead over Jeff Ma in my Man’s League matchup. All I had to do was survive Matt Ryan and I would win the matchup. If you were on Twitter towards the end of the game, you probably witnessed me freaking out about Ryan as Jeff Ma’s team closed the gap to 2 points. The entire time, I was preparing myself for the eventual heartbreak loss and second guessing myself for starting the Raiders D/ST over the Bears D/ST. I kept repeating “negative 7 points. Negative 7 points!” to myself and swearing that this mistake better not cost me this win. It was all fueling up for some long winded rant (instead of this long winded un-rant) but ultimately the Falcons managed to hold off the Broncos and run out the clock. Whew.

You’re probably thinking, “How does this relate to the board?” Well, it doesn’t…other than me keeping my sanity and getting this board update written. And without further ado, here’s where the board stands after two weeks.

Closed Bets

  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: M. Vick or J. Flacco?
    Vick continues to prove that he’ll put up the fantasy points, regardless of how many turnovers he may have. Meanwhile, Flacco’s breakout season hit a bump. Vick easily won the wager, 21-9.
    Fan Vote: Flacco (52%)
    Winner: Vick (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    Thomas was clearly the better RB this week as he amassed 110 yards rushing on only 9 carries. Ingram managed to sneak in to the end zone to make this bet close but he came up short, 11-14.
    Fan Vote: Thomas (55%)
    Winner: Thomas (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: W. McGahee or M. Turner?
    In a Monday night matchup, McGahee steamrolled Turner by a score of 24-10. Turner looked horrible again and a TD was his saving grace.
    Fan Vote: McGahee (56%)
    Winner: McGahee (Matthew)

Open Bets

  1. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or A. Peterson?
    Peterson fell back to reality in week 2 and despite being outscored this week, 10-8, he’s still the RB I’d rather own. Turner is looking like this is the end of the road (cue Boyz II Men).
    Projected winner: A. Peterson (Matthew)
  2. Over/Under 969 receiving yards for T. Smith?
    Smith only hauled in 51 yards this week and upped this total to 108 yards. He’s still a down field threat so I see some big games to come for him but I’m a little concerned that he’s not getting the targets we expected. A couple of big games and he’s back on pace. I still believe.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: R. Wayne or P. Garcon?
    Wayne had another solid week and took the lead in the wager 26-16. Garcon will need to get over his injury quickly if he wants to stay in this. Garcon looked fantastic in week 1 so I still believe he’ll catch up and overtake Wayne.
    Projected winner: Garcon (Matthew)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: F. Gore or S. Jackson?
    We’ll have to see how much Jackson’s injury affects him. The Rams can afford to not rush him back as Daryl Richardson looked good filling in for him. Gore continues to look like a great fantasy RB and his lightened load may mean he’ll stay healthy and continue his strong performances. Gore took a commanding lead this week, 32-13.
    Projected winner: F. Gore (Nate)
  5. Over/Under 44.5 targets for D. Branch?
    He signed with the Patriots on Tuesday night and we’ll have to see what sort of role he’ll have in the offense. The opportunity is there since Aaron Hernandez will be out of action for a while and it will probably take Kellen Winslow a bit to get in to the offense. He’ll need to average just over 3 targets a game to reach 45 targets for the season. It’s possible but there’s a lot of other targets on the Patriots that are higher up on the food chain.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  6. Will M. Turner be a top 10 RB?
    Turner picked up 10 points, upping his total to 13. He still looks bad and I was surprised to see Jason Snelling getting in some work…in the 3rd quarter. He’s not being used as the workhorse any more so I’m kissing his top 10 status goodbye.
    Projected winner: No (Matthew)
  7. Over/Under 3,500 passing yards for C. Palmer?
    Palmer had 373 yards on Sunday and now has 670 yards for the season. He’s on pace for 5,360 yards. He probably won’t keep up this pace but he’s definitely airing it out.
    Projected winner: Over (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 passing TDs for C. Palmer?
    Despite all of the passing yards in week 2, he only had one passing TD. He’s on pace for 16 TDs and will need to string together some 3 TD weeks if he wants to reach 24 TDs.
    Projected winner: Under (Nate)
  9. Over/Under 7.5 wins for the NY Jets?
    So, there’s the Mark Sanchez we all know and “love”. The Jets got thrashed by Steelers and they’re now on pace for 8 wins. I still think they’ve got a shot at 8+ wins but if they look horrible against Miami in week 3 then I may have to change my thoughts on this bet.
    Projected winner: Over (Nate)
  10. Who averages more fantasy points per start: R. Wilson or A. Luck?
    Andrew Luck looks like a solid fantasy option as he picked up 19 points this week. I watched him play in the Pac-10 numerous times and know how good he is. Wilson had a good week but I think the Seattle offense goes through Marshawn Lynch and that’ll limit the upside of Wilson. Luck leads the bet 13 ppg to Wilson’s 10 ppg.
    Projected winner: A. Luck (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: M. Wallace or A. Brown?
    Wallace seems to have a knack for getting the TDs and that’s the reason why he’s currently leading the bet 22-14. Brown will eventually get his TDs and I’m still convinced he’ll win the wager as he has 18 targets to Wallace’s 11.
    Projected winner: A. Brown (Matthew)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: M. Schaub or J. Cutler?
    Yeah, so Cutler happened on Thursday and to the tune of 4 fantasy points. This allowed Schaub to tie this wager up. I’m jumping off the Cutler bandwagon, after one week, and I’ll put my carriage on the guy that’s not going to throw 4 INTs.
    Projected winner: M. Schaub (Nate)
  13. Is D. McFadden a top 3 RB (using ppg)?
    I’ve suffered enough with the Raiders this week so I’ll move through this quickly. Run DMC had 3 points, lowered his ppg average to 7.0 which is good enough for #29. He can’t have these stinkers if he’s going to be a top 3 RB.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  14. Who will have more carries: M. Jones-Drew or M. Lynch?
    Lynch is starting to pull away with this wager thanks to week two. He leads 47-31 and could probably take a week off and still lead by a carry or two.
    Projected winner: Lynch (Matthew)
  15. Over/Under 44.5 Targets for any Patriots WR (excludes Welker & Lloyd)?
    Julian Edelman picked up 6 targets this week and has a total of 8. He saw an increase in targets due to Hernandez’s injury early in the game. He will not be able to keep this up with the signings of Kellen Winslow and Deion Branch. Branch will probably being the #3 WR, in terms of targets, but I’m not convinced he can reach the 45 targets plateau.
    Projected winner: Under (Matthew)
  16. Who has more fantasy points: M. Turner or C. Johnson?
    This is like asking you to choose between getting a filling at the dentist’s office or getting your prostate checked. Turner leads 13-6 and I predict this bet will be mediocre all season long. I’m still sticking with Turner since it appears he still has a bit of gas left in the tank.
    Projected winner: M. Turner (Nate)
  17. Who has more fantasy points: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    Both backs had a good week 2 but Thomas still leads 16-12. Ingram may end up getting more carries but Thomas will be the more productive back.
    Projected winner: P. Thomas (Nate)
  18. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: M. Schaub or J. Flacco?
    Flacco had the better week and leads 9-7. The fact that Houston is so good at running the ball has me believing that Schaub isn’t going to have the huge weeks that Flacco can possibly have.
    Projected winner: J. Flacco (Matthew)
  19. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: B. Roethlisberger or J. Flacco?
    Roethlisberger had a great week and leads 19-9. I like the Steelers running game is still a bit of a mess so I see them airing it out each week.
    Projected winner: B. Roethlisberger (Nate)
  20. Who has more fantasy points each week: P. Thomas or M. Ingram?
    I’m not even going to try to project the weekly winners but I will say that I hope Ingram is awesome since I own him in the Man’s League as my #2 RB. In reality, Thomas is probably the better back and should win the majority of these weekly wagers.
    I also need to start using a sarcasm hashtag when sending tweets to Matthew and Nate.
    Projected winner: P. Thomas (Nate)

Closing Thoughts

It’s nice to see Matthew and Nate making weekly wagers and it should keep the board fun. The Thomas/Ingram bet should be interesting to watch, and you’ll have to excuse me putting a table within a table. I’d rather get all of that up there now instead having to remember to put this wager up there each week. It’s a lot of work that I really don’t want to do. *wah*

With 9 wagers already in the books (!), Nate leads 7-2 and continues to dominate Matthew in the weekly bets. I’m leaving out the Thomas/Ingram bets from the overall board projections since it just throws a huge wrench in how the board could go. Someone could pick up 14 wins with just this series of wagers alone. So, leaving out those bets, I’m projecting a 18-11 win by Nate.