NFL Combo Meals 2

I got to thinking about all the drops on the baseball podcast and realized that some of my favorite drops didn’t have a football equivalent. In particular, the combo meal currently doesn’t have a NFL equivalent. I threw out the question on Twitter for what the NFL equivalent should be. I overshot on my suggestion of 100 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing, once I realized that this is a rare feat.

What do you think the NFL combo meal should be? More importantly, who’s going to create the drop for this?

Here’s some of the responses I got back:

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  • Kyle

    i’ll piggyback off my idea (3rd one down, @ksack85) we could number them, like real combo meals. a #1 is a pass+rush combo, a #2 is a rush+rec combo, a #3 is a pass+rec combo…

  • Ian

    Rushing td and passing td