Name Game: Mariano Rivera

Podcast: 8-7-12

 Mariano Rivera
Matthew Tristan
vs. A. Chapman Chapman Chapman
vs. C. Kimbrel Kimbrel Kimbrel
vs. K. Jansen Jansen Jansen
vs. J. Papelbon Papelbon Papelbon
vs. J. Johnson Rivera Rivera
vs. J. Hanrahan Rivera Hanrahan
vs. J. Valverde Rivera Rivera
vs. J. Motte Rivera Motte
vs. F. Rodney Rivera Rivera

I tend to agree with Matthew, except I’d take Rivera over Papelbon. Chapman, Kimbrel and Jansen are the only ones I’d take over Rivera (in this name game) due to their strikeout potential. The other relievers not all that intriguing.