Name Game: Machado and Carter

Podcast: 8-9-12

 Manny Machado
Nate Matthew
vs. J. Peralta Peralta Peralta
vs. Y. Escobar Escobar Escobar
vs. R. Tejada Tejada Tejada
vs. Z. Cozart Cozart Cozart

It sounds like the call up was just to get a cup of coffee and that he’s not entirely ready for the majors yet. Personally, I’m happy to see Machado up but I really hope this doesn’t screw up his development as he and Bundy are the saviors for my Orioles. I took a flyer on him in a couple of leagues just so I could I have more fun rooting for him to succeed.

Chris Carter
Nate Matthew
vs. F. Freeman Carter Carter
vs. J. Morneau Morneau Morneau
vs. K. Morales Morales Morales

I’d rank them Morales, Freeman, Carter, Morneau. I’m still a bit skeptical of Carter but he’s worth riding for a while.