Name Game: Hamilton & Stubbs

Podcast: 8-3-12

 Josh Hamilton (for dynasty leagues)
Nate Matthew
vs. M. Holliday Holliday Holliday
vs. A. Jones Jones Jones
vs. M. Trumbo Hamilton Hamilton
vs. E. Encarnacion Hamilton

I agree with their name games. Hamilton’s personal and injury history concern me how much longer he can perform at this league. Like their advice for football, I’d rather be out on a player a year early than a year too late.

Drew Stubbs
Nate Matthew
vs. Melky Cabrera Cabrera Cabrera
vs. A. Jackson Jackson Stubbs
vs. A. De Aza Stubbs
vs. J. Bruce Bruce Bruce
vs. M. Brantley Stubbs Stubbs

I agree with Nate’s picks. Stubbs is too streaky for me to trust. He feels like one of those guys that does 75% of his production in small portion of the season.