Name Game: Chad Billingsley & Aaron Hill

Podcast: 8-20-12

Nate Matthew
C. Billingsley vs. R. Vogelsong Vogelsong Billingsley
C. Billingsley vs. M. Fiers Billingsley Fiers
M. Fiers vs. T. Hudson Hudson Fiers
M. Fiers vs. K. Medlen Fiers Fiers

I’d rank them: Vogelsong, Hudson, Billingsley, Fiers, Medlen. I like Fiers but his last two games really concern me and he’s also got that looming innings limit.

 Aaron Hill (rest of 2012 and 2013)
Nate Matthew
vs. B. Phillips Phillips Phillips
vs. J. Kipnis Kipnis Kipnis
vs. B. Zobrist Zobrist Zobrist
vs. K. Seager Hill Hill

He’s about the #10 2B, which I feel is about right. I like his power but he’s really hard to trust after been burned by him in the past.