12 Team Draft

Coming up at 6:00PM Eastern, I’ll be taking part in my first draft of the year. The league is a standard ESPN league, non-keeper league with 12 teams and I’ll be picking 9th. View the full post for liveblog. It should refresh automatically so you shouldn’t have to do anything.

4:28:17 pm

Finished off the draft with Robbie Gould. The last guy selected was Jason Hanson.

4:21:25 pm

With the all important kick spot left, here’s what I ended up with:
QB: M. Vick
RB: C. Johnson
RB: J. Charles
WR: A. Brown
WR: D. Thomas
TE: B. Pettigrew
FLEX: D. Sproles
D/ST: Lions D/ST
BE: R. Bush (RB)
BE: T. Smith (WR)
BE: D. Brown (RB)
BE: S. Rice (WR)
BE: R. Jennings (RB)
BE: C. Palmer (QB)

4:19:11 pm

Down to D/ST. I’m looking at the Lions, Steelers and Falcons. I went with the Lions with their ability to rack up sacks. Now I just hope they don’t get in to a bunch of shootouts.

4:14:40 pm

And I get Matthew Berry’s sleeper, Carson Palmer with pick #152 in the 13th round. I can live with that.

4:10:14 pm

It’s getting near the end of the draft and I’ll finish mine up with a QB (before D/ST and K). Will it be Palmer, Fitzpatrick or a sleeper like Locker or Russell Wilson?

4:06:20 pm

Probably reached a bit with taking Rashad Jennings at #136 but it’s worth a shot if MJD misses any time or gets dealt.

4:02:34 pm

Whew, Cutler went one spot ahead of me. So, I’ll take a gamble with Sidney Rice at #129 (Round 11).

3:59:18 pm

I hate that this is going to happen but Jay Cutler is still out there with 125 picks in the book. At least he’ll be a backup QB.

3:56:03 pm

Tim Tebow sighting at pick #115

3:54:30 pm

Still reeling from RG3 being taken from me. This is what I felt like doing when it happened: ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and then storm out of the room.

3:53:26 pm

Needed a TE, so Brandon Pettigrew is mine at #112.

3:51:26 pm

Nabbed Donald Brown at pick #105

3:49:26 pm

Crap, a Cowboy fan just drafted RG3…this is brutal.

3:48:18 pm

Tops guys (minus D/ST) according to ADP at pick #95:
Jason Witten (TE)
RG3 (QB)
Mark Ingram (RB)
Donald Brown (RB)
Jay Cutler (QB)

3:46:13 pm

Time to flip over to some value based drafting for the remainder of the draft.

3:43:48 pm

And Torrey Smith is mine at #88. I’m liking my corp for WR so far: Antonio Brown, D. Thomas and Smith. There should be a lot of yards with that trio.

3:41:54 pm

Grabbed my second WR in Demaryius Thomas at pick #81. Couldn’t pass up that value. Now to stare a hole in to Torrey Smith.

3:39:30 pm

And the draft is slowing to a crawl. I guess everyone is watching the LLWS game.

3:33:36 pm

The battle in my mind over Vincent Jackson and Antonio Brown was solved as Jackson goes one pick before me.

3:29:57 pm

Nabbed Bush but one of my targets, Percy Harvin, went at #56.

3:28:56 pm

Crossing my fingers that Reggie Bush falls to me at #57. That’ll be some decent value in the 5th.

3:25:23 pm

Crazy draft…the same team that drafted the D/ST in the 4th follows up with a kicker in the 5th. Ladies and gentleman, please don’t set your queue like this when autodrafting.

3:21:29 pm

Took Sproles at #40 for my FLEX. There’s still plenty of solid WRs out there once the draft comes around again.

3:19:30 pm

And with my 3rd round pick, I take another injury risk with Michael Vick. I’ll either have a great year or crash and burn…hard.

3:18:18 pm

Hold the presses! The Giants D/ST goes at #30. What’s up is down and what’s right is left. Dogs and cats getting along. Whaaaa?

3:16:53 pm

Chatter in the draft room is so far more entertaining than the actual draft. Husband and wife are trash talking each other.

3:13:48 pm

And speaking of Newton and Gronk. They go at #20 and #22, respectively.

3:12:05 pm

At #16, I ended up taking Jamaal Charles. I contemplated Cam Newton and Gronk here but I’d rather load up on RB…granted I now have two questionable RBs but they should be the go to guys on their teams.

3:09:58 pm

Andre Johnson taken with the 11th pick and Fitzgerald rounds out the first round.

3:07:56 pm

Megatron #8 and I end up with Chris Johnson in another league at #9. The QB pool gets shallower with Stafford at #10.

So that’s 4 QBs, 5 RB and 1 WR in the top 10.

3:05:24 pm

Brees goes next, which means I’ll be waiting a little while for a QB. MJD goes quickly at #7.

3:03:17 pm

Rice and McCoy the next two off the board.

3:01:18 pm

Foster goes #1 with Rodgers and Brady going next.

2:55:25 pm

Giving the #1 pick some crap by saying Peyton is looking good in Denver. The Denver air means the ball will go further so a 6,000 yard season is possible…it is the year of Mike Trout…

2:47:00 pm

14 more minutes to go! Also, this is to test out the live blog.

7:20:05 pm

And Shelby Miller is the final pick of the draft.

I’ll get a draft recap up a little while later. I probably won’t go in to the detail like the other draft but the results will be there for you to peruse.

7:18:14 pm

Sorry to bore you guys but I just realized that a live blog of a NL-only draft is rather boring.

7:15:08 pm

Round 23, the last one, starts off with Jeremy Affeldt and followed up with Rod Barajas.

7:13:45 pm

And we’re nearing the end. Just 12 more picks left

7:08:46 pm

And round 21 (pick 201) starts with Mark Ellis!

7:04:49 pm

I’d update this a bit more but frankly, it’s not all that interesting. But if you want the latest picks:
Torres, Pomeranz, O. Hudson, I. Stewart, Vogelsong, Byrd, A. Gonzalez, K-Rod, Arenado(?!)

6:56:54 pm

Guess I’ll wait another round to make some more dinner as things are picking up again. Alex Presley goes at #172, middle of the 18th round.

6:53:53 pm

And Bryce Harper gets picked at #162.

6:51:38 pm

Getting real ugly. Last 5: Bedard, Jay, Desmond, Bailey, Quentin

6:44:57 pm

And someone finally caved in and took Hudson at #140

6:38:31 pm

And no one wants Scutaro either. Bartlett and Drew go back to back at #125, #126

6:37:15 pm

Poor Tim Hudson is still undrafted, #124 picks in.

6:35:24 pm

Brett Myers was the last closer off the board at #107.

6:34:33 pm

Hey there, Brandon Belt. I like your multi-position eligibility.

6:33:10 pm

Is Scutaro really going to be my SS? Ick

6:30:08 pm

I’m really not looking forward to seeing what’s left on the board once we hit round 20.

6:27:03 pm

Hudson, Scutaro, Guerra, Espinosa and Carpenter top 5 on the board, 100 picks in.

6:23:21 pm

And the Wandy line is set at #92

6:22:34 pm

And everyone goes nuts with Bonifacio being drafted at #90. Ole!

6:21:09 pm

Draft room perks up with the discussion of daddy sodas.

6:18:45 pm

Fan favorite Logan Morrison goes at #81

6:18:26 pm

Top players on the board according to the default ESPN rankings:
Anibal Sanchez
Johnny Cueto
Drew Storen
Jaime Garcia
Tim Hudson

6:13:24 pm

I could use another quesadilla right about now.

6:11:32 pm

And Utley goes as soon as I type this at #65

6:11:08 pm

Neil Walker draft at #62. Chase Utley is still on the board.

6:06:58 pm

And there goes a bunch of guys I was targeting: Freeman, Beachy, Gordon.

6:04:24 pm

Papelbon is the second closer off the board at #43. Kimbrel was the first at #34

6:02:57 pm

Looks like people are hitting the wall this round. The first 4 rounds went by in 17 minutes.


6:00:39 pm

Pence finally off the board at #37

5:59:23 pm

Strasburg goes at #35

5:58:04 pm

And the draft chatroom goes silent. We’re at pick 32 with Pence still on the board.

5:55:08 pm

9-23: Reyes, CarGo, McCutchen, Bourn, Lee, Wright, Lincecum, Stanton, Greinke, Sandoval, Castro, Cain, Bruce, Phillips


This draft is flying by but when will the wall hit? Round 10?

5:52:18 pm

Making dinner, drafting and live blogging is was probably not the best idea…


5:47:58 pm

Hanley goes at #7

5:46:32 pm

2-6: Tulo, Kemp, Upton, Braun, Halladay

5:46:07 pm

Votto goes #1 and the rest of the 1B pool is now horrid.

5:44:22 pm

The live draft blog is live! Leave me comments below or tweet at me on Twitter.