The GuNSHoW update

The war has been going on strong for 3 days (at least with the poll) and let’s see what’s happening around the globe. Yellow = Pro-Nate, Orange = Anti-Nate

At a glance, the world is welcoming Nate with open arms. He’s only unwelcome in Australia and Britain. Staying aboard, Nate is welcome in Spain, Thailand, Sweden, Canada and Mexico. The Swiss are of course, abstaining from taking a side in this highly controversial war.

Looking at the domestic battle, Nate has burned too many bridges in the Northeast, only having Rhode Island on his side. Vermont and Maine have abstained from declaring their side, so far. As expected, Iowa and New Hampshire are anti-Nate. Overall, it’s a looking good for Nate as he’s got 142 votes in his favor and 81 against.

65% of the world’s votes are pro-Nate. It’ll be interesting to see how this number swings over the week as Nate will not be able to defend himself on the podcast. Matthew may be able to launch a full out assault convince more people to keep Nate out of their State.

There’s still plenty of time to vote and I think this may be a long drawn out war.