Fantasy Football EPL Style 6

With the Euro 2012 championship in full swing and fantasy football starting to ramp up, it got me thinking about what I can do for the 06010 Board fantasy leagues this year. Each year, I have one league I open up to everyone to join and I usually get enough responses to fill a couple of leagues. Instead of just having a couple of independent leagues, I was thinking about implementing them in a tier a la the English Premier League.
If you’re not familiar with the EPL, they essentially have a couple of tiered leagues with the bottom and top teams moving between leagues each season. This sounded like something that could be fun to do in fantasy football and give a little more importance to the yearly leagues. Keepers wouldn’t work since teams would be moving between to leagues. But I’m getting in to details now…I want to see if anyone is interested in this idea and would like to help implement it. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested or what your thoughts are on this.

  • I’m always up for such a format.  With football I think this would be more interesting than a keeper or dynasty league.  I also like the idea of a league that redrafts in some form every week!  I wish ESPN would catch on to such a format.  It could be live, it could be autopick.  A few keepers from each week would be an interesting twist.  The deeper the league, the better.  Leave no man unclaimed on the waivers!

    •  I hadn’t thought about a weekly redraft. That may be a bit much. Rather, I was thinking that you play out the season normally, the only catch is the top/bottom X teams get promoted/demoted to different leagues.

  • Hmmmmm I am not sure how you would implement a idea such as this. But once you do get it figured out, I would be all in. I have watched the EPL for 4 years now and I love it, my favorite team is Tottenham and I work with 2 Arsenal fans ha ha. It seems like you could maybe setup 2 leagues, each with the same settings and take the top however many teams from both leagues. And then that league, could be the top flight league and then the league with all of the other teams, would be of course the secondary league. Then in the seasons following, you could take the top 3 teams from the lower league and move them up and then move the lowest 3 teams from the upper league. I mean I guess that would work, just a thought, but however you implement your idea, please keep me infromed, take it easy, later. 

    • I’ve kind of followed the EPL for a while now but made the commitment to pay more attention to it this year. I read Fever Pitch so I adopted Arsenal as my team. Sorry about the Champion’s League, who would’ve thought that Chelsea would beat Bayern Munich.

  • Sounds perfect. Maybe the NHL should give a tiered system a whirl.
    Sign me up!

  • Troy Maskell

    Bill comes up with an idea. Maybe something like an eliminator pool