Renaming Fantasy Focus 7

As discussed on the podcast today, what are some of your suggestions for renaming the Fantasy Focus podcast?

I’m still partial to Fantasy Focus but it should officially be called Fantasy Focus 06010. But I guess if I were to suggest a name I’d go with The Weasel Dome.

Here’s what was suggested already on the podcast:

  • Matthew Today
  • The Talented Mr. Podcast
  • Fantasy: The Yummy Fantasy Sports Podcast
  • Bitter Berry and The Weasels
  • No Country for Company Men
  • Listen. The Matthew Berry Podcast
  • Pod Vader and the Fantasy Storm Troopers
  • Fantasy Out of Focus
  • Weasels and Rotos
  • Matty and Nate’s Fantasy Corner
  • It’s All About Matty
  • How about Nate and Matthew’s Def Comedy Jam?  or “Confusing Work For Nick To Do On His Blog”

    Pod Vader’s Spoiled Children?  The Tristan Cockroft Show Occasionally Featuring Matthew Berry?  I could go on.

  • Fantasy Focus 06010 Importante!

    Subtitle: Download.  Listen.  Repeat.  Skip middle step if necessary.

  • Paul Lauten

    Taylor Swift’s 06010 Fantasy Talk

  • John

    Is there a site that had rss links to all the back catalog of old episodes

    • I have archive links to the right of these comments. I did notice that some of the older shows do not play any more :(

  • Dash

    What is the email for the podcast?