Name Game: Peavy & Morrow 2

One reader suggested I put the name game recaps on the site and I thought this was a good idea as it’ll allow you all to comment on them and fine tune it a bit. It’s also a good excuse to get more blog posts up on the site.

Podcast: 5-10-2012

Jake Peavy, the rest of the year
Nate Matthew
J. Peavy vs. R. Romero Romero Romero
J. Peavy vs. I. Kennedy Kennedy Peavy
J. Peavy vs. Y. Gallardo Peavy Peavy
J. Peavy vs. Y. Darvish ? Peavy
Brandon Morrow, the rest of the year
Nate Matthew
B. Morrow vs. K. Lohse Lohse Morrow
B. Morrow vs. T. Lilly Lilly Morrow
B. Morrow vs. A. Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez
B. Morrow vs. W. Rodriguez ? Morrow

What do you guys think about these? For Peavy, I agree with Nate. And with Morrow, I agree with Matthew.

  • Nate’s failure to commit on Yu and Wandy just shows what we all knew… Weasel.

  • Nate was about to comment on Wandy but Matthew cut him off.