Man’s League – Go Team Nate! 2

Up until recently I had been enjoying the Man’s League submissions but today that all changed. I was highly disappointed in Matthew Berry repeatedly proclaiming that some “weasel site” is the official site of the 06010. I can understand why he would make such a declaration. They are, after all, the hot new thing on the block. But who has been around for years, doing yeoman’s works at maintaining the board, painstaking tracking stats, recapping wagers, logging Matthew’s complaints, creating drop tournaments and creating twitter avatars of high horses with pigs on them? Two thumbs pointing at this guy.

I’m not anti-Matthew, I’m just against his endorsement of the “weasel site” as the official site of the 06010. I’m also a long suffering Redskins fan and we all need to stick together. We will fight for Ol’ DC! I do however need to nip this whole situation in the bud and take back the title of the official site of the 06010. I’ve earned the right to have this title.

This means war against Matthew and the “weasel site”. So, I’m fully backing Team Nate and submitting my entry in to the Man’s League. In the meantime, I’m oiling up that saddle, putting new shoes on the high horse and calling upon the army of crows and eloquent pigs to show Matthew the error of his ways. For Team Nate! For the high horses! For The 06010 Board!

So say we all.

  • Baby Mike


    • Steph8974

      Love it! There’s plenty of room aboard the “Team Nate” bandwagon. So say we all!

      Steph in Seattle