Forums 3

Hey kids, I’m working adding some forums to the site. What kind of forums would you like to see here?

So far, I’m thinking of a couple of forums for fantasy baseball and football with sub-forums for advice/questions/etc. and recruiting/creating leagues.

Leave me a comment on what you’d like to see or would be helpful to have.

  • I’m not sure if Ronan from Ireland is still out there, but maybe we could have a tribute board for him where fans can post comments on specific shows including what was said and certain time markers on the audio?  For example, if some wants to mark a point in which one of the hosts or guests say something that others might want if making a drop?  Or a specific board bet?  Or when a comment occurred that might come back to haunt the speaker?

    • That kind of ties in my plan for a wiki. My hope is for some enterprising people (read: not me) to create show notes for the podcast. I’m kind of envisioning something like how TWiT does this for their shows.

  • Oh!  And a forum to find other fantasy players to help fill/create a league!