Offseason News

There’s just a few months until baseball starts up again and the wagers start flowing in, so it’s downtime at the blog. Since I don’t have to do updates each week, I have some free time to do some upgrades on the blog. What would you like to see added to the site? What could use improvements? Are there any types of blogs posts you’d like to see? I’m looking for feedback on how to improve this website.

My personal goal would be to move this site to it’s own hosted service and not just rely on a bunch of free things. While they work, they don’t allow me to add any real customizations to the site. I hate to beg for donations so I’ll just gauge the interest to see if anyone would be willing to donate to help fund a web host. If people are interested, then I’ll push harder to get more support. With a web host I’d be able to add a wiki, better forums, a database for wager tracking, an actual domain name, etc.

Thanks to those that follow the blog and myself on Twitter. Your interaction helps me keep this site running.

Please take a moment and leave me some feedback.