2011 Football Board: Week 10 Recap 1

It was a busy week for bets and Matthew again dominated the weekly bets. It appears to be a winning strategy and one that he should probably use more often. He tends to get tromped on the season long bets (see: Knowshon and Felix Jones) since he’s more willing to believe in a guy’s upside than ol’ Negative Nate.

If anyone actually reads this stuff, please let a comment below. I’d like to know what you think of these recaps. Are they helpful, interesting, a waste of time? What else would you like to see done with the blog? I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me. Now on to the recap!


  1. Will Knowshon Moreno be a top 15 RB?
    Knowshon is done for the year with a knee injury so he’ll keep dropping down the rankings. He never really had a shot at top 15 since McGahee took over. 63% of the fans were correct in thinking that he wouldn’t be a top 15 RB.
    Winner: No (Nate)
  2. Will Dwayne Bowe be a top 15 WR in week 10?
    Bowe had a horrible week an only managed 1 fantasy point. He finished at #81. Only 25% of fans were correct in this bet.
    Winner: No (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points in week 10: Laurent Robinson or Pierre Garcon?
    Laurent Robinson only had 3 catches but two of them were for TDs and that was more than enough to beat Garcon (4 pts). The fan vote was at 85% in favor of Robinson.
    Winner: Robinson (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points in week 10: Darren Sproles or Chris Johnson?
    Fantasy owners rejoiced as Chris Johnson returned to his normal ways and had 23 fantasy points. Sproles was bottled up and did not managed any fantasy points. 56% of the fans voted for Johnson to the win this wager.
    Winner: Johnson (Matthew)
  5. Who has more fantasy points in week 10: A.J. Green or Andre Johnson?
    Andre Johnson did not return to action so this bet was not valid. A.J. Green did make his way in to the end zone again so if Johnson did play it would’ve been a close matchup.
    Winner: Push


  1. Over/Under 1,500 Total Yards for Felix Jones
    Felix didn’t play this week and is still at 360 yards. His shot at 1,500 yards is just about nil.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: DeAngelo Williams or LeGarrette Blount?
    Both guys had 3 fantasy points in week 10 and neither team gave them more than 10 carries. Blount leads 64-46 and should be able to keep this lead. I trust him to get more carries and Williams at this point.
    Projected: LeGarrette Blount (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Kevin Kolb or Sam Bradford?
    No Kolb again and Bradford had an unimpressive week but cut in to Kolb’s lead, 79-64. I almost wonder if there’s going to a QB controversy in Arizona after the game that John Skelton had. I think Kolb will keep the job since Arizona gave up a lot to get him and it would be too quick for them to bail on him.
    Projected: Kevin Kolb (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Cedric Benson or Shonn Greene?
    Greene had a slightly better week and took the lead again in this bet, 69-68. Benson is now prone to Bernard Scott vulturing some touches in Cincy as he had a productive week 10. I still like Benson a little more than Greene, but this bet will come down to week 17.
    Projected: Cedric Benson (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: Mario Manningham or Jeremy Maclin?
    Maclin got shutout and injured in week 10 while Manningham had solid 13 pts. Maclin’s lead is now down to 80-54. Maclin’s injuries will open the window for Manningham to get back in to this bet. Week 11 should show if this bet will get interesting or if Maclin will easily walk away with the win.
    Projected: Jeremy Maclin (Matthew)
  6. Will Matt Ryan outscore Joe Flacco by 25 pts?
    Ryan had a solid week and extended his lead to 133-113. Baltimore and Flacco still puzzle me with their offensive performances. Ryan should keep creeping away from Flacco.
    Projected: Yes (Nate)
  7. Over/Under 23.5 TDs for Redskins QBs
    Hooray, Rex is back…*ugh* No TDs passes in week 10, so they’re still stuck at 8 TDs. So, the Redskins will have to average about 2 TD passes from here on out, which isn’t going to happen.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  8. Will Johnny Knox outscore Nate Burleson by 20 pts?
    Detroit got themselves in to a hole and Burleson benefited from this and picked up 7 fantasy points. Knox continued to slide in to oblivion with only one reception for 18 yards on two targets. Burleson actually leads the bet 38-34 now.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  9. Who has more fantasy points (in a PPR league): Stevie Johnson or Dez Bryant?
    Fitzpatrick continues to bring Stevie Johnson’s fantasy value down with him. He only had 2 receptions for 8 yards on Sunday and also picked up a shoulder injury. Bryant had a nice day and picked up 13 fantasy points to cut in to Johnson’s lead, 115-108. If these current trends continue Bryant may be hard to beat, especially with his upcoming matchups (WAS, MIA, ARI).
    Projected: Dez Bryant (Matthew)
  10. Who has more fantasy points: Reggie Wayne or Santonio Holmes?
    Holmes actually put together a nice game without scoring a TD. He added 9 points, while Wayne continues to suffer in Indy and picked up only 1 pt. Holmes now leads 64-54 and should continue to extend his lead from here on out.
    Projected: Santonio Holmes (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: Chester Taylor or LaRod Stephens-Howling?
    Both of them saw action on Sunday and actually managed to pick up points. LRSH picked up 3 and Taylor 1. LRSH leads 18-4 and that should be enough, unless Wells gets injured.
    Projected: LaRod Stephens-Howling (Matthew)
  12. Will Jordy Nelson be a top 20 WR (using ppg)?
    He only had 63 yards but had 2 TD receptions. He increased his average 11.3 ppg, which is good for #7 WR.
    Projected: Yes (Nate)
  13. Will Dwayne Bowe be a top 20 WR?
    Bowe had a bad week, 2 receptions for 17 yards and he lost his QB for a while, if not the rest of the season. Bowe is still a talented WR so he should be able to produce week in and week out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Palko or Stanzi is overmatched and can’t get the ball to Bowe. Bowe is currently #11 with the #20 spot only 15 points behind him. His time in the top 20 may come to an end pretty soon.
    Projected: Yes (Nate)
  14. Who has more fantasy points from week 5 on: Laurent Robinson or Titus Young?
    Robinson only had 3 catches this last week but he made the most of it with 73 yards and 2 TDs. Young also had a good week with 7 receptions for 74 yards. Robinson extended his lead to 50-21; he’s making the most of Austin’s injury and looks like he’ll be good a 8-9 pts a week. I don’t fully buy Young yet, but if Megatron has to miss any time he should see an uptick in production.
    Projected: Laurent Robinson (Nate)
  15. Who averages more fantasy points per game from week 7 on: Josh Freeman or Sam Bradford?
    You know it’s a bad week when you score 8 fantasy points and you out perform your competitor. This is what happened with Bradford. Freeman continues to disappoint and picked up only 6 fantasy points. Freeman still leads the bet however, 10.3 ppg to 8.0 ppg. I still think that the Rams are just too beat up for Bradford to really break out.
    Projected: Freeman (Nate)
  16. Over/Under 12.5 touches per game for Ben Tate from week 11 on?
    3 out of the last 4 weeks, Tate has had at least 12 touches. If the Texans decide to go with a conservative offense for Leinart then I can see a few more touches come Tate’s way. This will most likely be a close bet but I do like his chances to see increased work, especially if the Texans start to rest Foster for the playoffs.
    Projected: Over (Matthew)

After 10 weeks, I have the board in a dead heat at 15-15. I can see a couple of projections flopping next week depending upon how they perform, but this one will come down to the wire. One thing is still missing from the board…a nonsense bet. Maybe there can be a Thanksgiving related bet, like how many times Fox says Turducken.

  • Bill

    Need a nonsense bet? Does Aaron Hernandez miss a game, or leave early from a game, due to the curse of Stephania Bell?