Did Matthew brag about the Dolphins’ CBs in a 2010 podcast? 3

Did Matthew Berry brag about the Dolphins’ CBs in a 2010 podcast?
Nate: Yes
Matthew: No

I’ll research this one to see if I can find the podcast where they talked about this, but if anyone comes across it before I do, please leave your find the comments.

Check out the 10-18-2011 podcast between 6:22-7:47 for this bet.

  • Is it in any way possible to download shows older than 1 1/2 months from the PodCenter or any other page? I was interested in hearing the first shows of Fantasy Focus or help in your search, but I can’t seem to find these old ones…

  • You can try going through their archives here but the further back you go, the less likely you’ll be able to pull up the audio. I’ve tried listening to older podcasts (like the Ronan one) and it can’t find the source file.

  • Anonymous

    10/29/10: starting at around the 5:55 mark.