2011 Football Board: Week 6 Recap

So that’ll new thing I wanted to do didn’t happen last week and it’ll most likely have to wait another week. I promise one of these weeks I’ll get it out there. Let’s get on to the bets as I’d like to forget about week 6…stupid Rex Grossman.


  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 6: Rashard Mendenhall or Daniel Thomas?
    I think Mendenhall caught everyone by surprise this week as he had a monster game and tallied 21 fantasy points. Thomas didn’t do much and only managed 5 pts. 59% of the fans were dead wrong on this bet as they chose to side with Matthew and Daniel Thomas.
    Winner: Rashard Mendenhall (Nate)


  1. Over/Under 1,500 Total Yards for Felix Jones
    Felix got injured in the first half of the game in week 6 and only added 33 yards. His yearly total to 360 yards and that puts him on pace for 1,152 yards. He’ll most likely miss the next couple of weeks with a high ankle sprain and it should end the quest to 1,500 yards.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: DeAngelo Williams or LeGarrette Blount?
    Despite not playing in week 6, Blount still holds a big lead (54-37) over Williams. Williams isn’t out of this bet yet as Blount could still miss another week but he isn’t being reliable enough to warrant a projected win. With injury and all, Blount still prove to be the better fantasy RB at season’s end.
    Projected: LeGarrette Blount (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Kevin Kolb or Sam Bradford?
    Bradford chipped away at Kolb’s lead to make it 54-47 but he also went down with a dreaded high ankle sprain. I’m assuming he’ll miss week 7 and allow Kolb to get his cushion back up. Bradford’s chance to catch up did improve with the addition of Brandon Lloyd so I think this bet will end up coming down to the wire.
    Projected: Kevin Kolb (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Cedric Benson or Shonn Greene?
    After a nice week, Greene went back to being mediocre and Benson got his pending suspension reduced to 1 game. Benson leads 56-44 and should continue to hold this lead until the end of the season.
    Projected: Cedric Benson (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: Mario Manningham or Jeremy Maclin?
    Maclin had another solid game (10 pts) and Manningham had a decent game but didn’t do much to help his fantasy owners (5 pts). Maclin now leads 63-20 and should walk away with this wager.
    Projected: Jeremy Maclin (Matthew)
  6. Will Knowshon Moreno be a top 15 RB?
    The bye week dropped Moreno to #61 on the RB list.
    Projected: No (Nate)
  7. Will Matt Ryan outscore Joe Flacco by 25 pts?
    Ryan isn’t getting the separation that he needs to best Flacco and currently leads 78-70. I like both guys about the same so Flacco should be able to keep pace.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 TDs for Redskins QBs
    *sigh* 6 TDs in 5 games puts the Redskins on pace for 19 passing TDs. There will hopefully be better weeks to come but any confidence I had in my Redskins has been thrown out the window…again. Grossman aside, Chris Cooley came away with a broken finger and they lost Kory Lichtensteiger (LG). Things aren’t looking good in D.C.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  9. Will Johnny Knox outscore Nate Burleson by 20 pts?
    In a game where the Bears scored 39 points, you’d think that Knox would’ve been able to do better than 2 receptions for 41 yards. Burleson managed to sneak in to the end zone and took a narrow 28-27 pt lead. Burleson had 10 targets in week 6 so it’s clear that Stafford will still look his way…you can’t really say that same for Knox.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  10. Who has more fantasy points (in a PPR league): Stevie Johnson or Dez Bryant?
    Stevie Johnson added to his lead and is now ahead 91-55. Both guys will be solid but I don’t think the receptions will be there for Bryant which will only make things difficult for him to get back in to this bet.
    Projected: Stevie Johnson (Nate)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: Reggie Wayne or Santonio Holmes?
    Holmes, again, had the better week but Sanchez only threw the ball 25 times. So far, it’s been the TDs that have kept Holmes in this bet. Despite trailing, 45-14, I still like Wayne’s opportunities to tally more fantasy points.
    Projected: Reggie Wayne (Nate)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: Chester Taylor or LaRod Stephens-Howling?
    The Cardinals were on bye so Taylor still leads 3-1.
    Projected: LaRod Stephens-Howling (Matthew)
  13. Will Jordy Nelson be a top 20 WR (using ppg)?
    What did I say last week about long TD receptions? Aaron Rodgers is on another planet right now and all his weapons are reaping the benefits. Nelson is currently at #14 with 10.5 ppg.
    Projected: Yes (Nate)
  14. Will Dwayne Bowe be a top 20 WR?
    The Chiefs were on bye so Bowe dropped down from #6 to #9.
    Projected: Yes (Nate)
  15. Who has more fantasy points from week 5 on: Laurent Robinson or Titus Young?
    Both guys are in similar spots in their offense, where there’s 3-4 other targets ahead of them. Robinson managed to tally 4 points with 3 of them coming on a 32 yard reception. Young only had one reception for 14 yards but had 3 more targets than Robinson.
    Projected: Titus Young (Matthew)

Not including the two new wagers from the 10-18-11 podcast, I have the board even up at 12.