2011 Football Board: Week 2 recap

Week two is in the books. There were only two weekly bets and two season long bets added since last week. The key to winning the board this year may fall upon who is able to sucker the other guy in to the most weekly bets.


  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: Julio Jones or Chad Ochocinco?
    Neither guy really did much but Ochocinco had the easier matchup and was able to squeak out the win. The fan voted overwhelmingly for Julio Jones, as only 26.7% believed in Chad.
    Winner: Chad Ochocinco (Matthew)
  2. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: Stevie Johnson or Santana Moss?
    Both guys had solid fantasy days but Johnson benefited from playing in a shootout. The fan vote was correct as 65% thought Johnson would win this bet.
    Winner: Stevie Johnson (Nate)


  1. Over/Under 1,500 Total Yards for Felix Jones
    This bet may already be in over as Felix only picked up 30 yards this week and got injured. He’ll need to have some incredible games if this bet is going to be close.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: DeAngelo Williams or LeGarrette Blount?
    Blount responded to his poor week 1 performance, while DeAngelo did not. I still believe in DeAngelo but he needs to do better than 3 points a week.
    Projected: DeAngelo Williams (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Kevin Kolb or Sam Bradford?
    This will be a good bet that should hopefully go down to the end of the season. Both QBs had nice week two performances and ought to put up similar numbers each week. I like Kolb more since he has a true weapon in Fitzgerald.
    Projected: Kevin Kolb (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Cedric Benson or Shonn Greene?
    Well Benson was back to being horrible and Greene was still uninspiring. I’m still sticking with Benson since he’s got a better shot at 20 touches each week.
    Projected: Cedric Benson (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: Mario Manningham or Jeremy Maclin?
    Well hello there, Maclin. It’s nice to see that his off-season illness is behind him. The only question on his production going forward is how long Vick will be out and if Kafka/Young will be able to get anything done in the passing game. Manningham unfortunately got concussed in the Monday Night game and we’ll have to see how long that’ll keep him out. But right now Maclin has a huge 22 point lead and will probably add to that next week.
    Projected: Jeremy Maclin (Matthew)
  6. Will Knowshon Moreno be a top 15 RB?
    If you don’t play, you can’t move up in the rankings. He’s currently sitting at #67 in the RB rankings.
    Projected: No (Nate)
  7. Will Matt Ryan outscore Joe Flacco by 25 pts?
    Ryan negated the early lead by Flacco with a good performance in week 2 and now both are tied up at 27 points. He’ll need to continue this if he wants to pull ahead by 25 points and get the win. I like Ryan just slightly more than Flacco but not enough to give him the win.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 TDs for Redskins QBs
    Another week and another 2 touchdowns. As much as people joke about Grossman, he some how just gets it done. I don’t think it’ll be pretty but 24 passing TDs is attainable.
    Projected: Over (Matthew)
  9. Will Johnny Knox outscore Nate Burleson by 20 pts?
    And Cutler had another Cutler game that makes all his owners curse at the TV. It wasn’t entirely his fault as it was the Saints gameplan. Knox is looking like it’ll be tough for him to get the points each week, since there’s no other guy to really take the pressure off of him. Burleson on the other hand is in a great situation in Detroit with Stafford and Megatron.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  10. Who has more fantasy points (in a PPR league): Stevie Johnson or Dez Bryant?
    Friend of the podcast, Stevie Johnson, made nice work of a Bryant-less week and now has a 23 point lead. Dez should be able to make up some ground, should he be able to stay healthy, since Miles Austin is sidelined for a while.
    Projected: Dez Bryant (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: Reggie Wayne or Santonio Holmes?
    It’s not looking good in Indy but I still trust Wayne more than Holmes. Collins will get Wayne the ball whereas I’m not so sure that Sanchez will do the same with Holmes. 4 targets isn’t exactly confidence inducing.
    Projected: Reggie Wayne (Nate)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: Chester Taylor or LaRod Stephens-Howling?
    Why was this bet made again? Beanie Wells is looking fairly solid so far and both guys seem to be trading their spot on the bench each week. I still like LRSH more since he knows the system. This bet will go down as probably the worst bet ever.
    Projected: LaRod Stephens-Howling (Matthew)
  13. Will Jordy Nelson be a top 20 WR (using ppg)?
    What a difference one catch (for 84 yards and a TD) can make. I still want to see another week 1 performance out of Nelson before I feel comfortable with him being a top 20 WR, but he’s looking like he’ll be a solid option each week. Top 20 may be pushing it though.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  14. Will Dwayne Bowe be a top 20 WR?
    I’m with Matthew on this. The Chiefs’ season is looking like a lost one. Bowe managed to get his yards this week but with Jamal Charles done for the year, it’s going to be might tough for the Chiefs’ offense to have any sort of balance.
    Projected: No (Matthew)

Matthew continued his positive ways and is now projected to win the board 11-7. I’m liking the wagers the guys are making, with the exception of one (I’m looking at you Chester and LaRod). If there’s one complaint about the board so far is the lack of a nonsense bet. Maybe Matthew can bring up Survivor and get that on the board.