2011 Football Board: Week 1 Recap

One week down, 16 more to go. The guys have done a good job getting a good number of bets on the board so far. There’s not much to say at this point, so let’s look at the bets.


  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 1: Tony Romo or Matthew Stafford?
    Romo had a shot to win this bet but made a ridiculous pass to Dez Bryant that was picked off and ended his shot at picking up another TD passes. Stafford looked great and won the bet, 22-17.
    Winner: Matthew Stafford (Matthew)
  2. Who has more fantasy points in week 1: Kerry Collins or Rex Grossman?
    Wow, Collins certainly isn’t Peyton Manning. Grossman benefitted from facing a weakened Giants defense and won the bet 18-9.
    Winner: Rex Grossman (Matthew)


  1. Over/Under 1,500 Total Yards for Felix Jones
    Felix picked up 66 total yards on Sunday and that puts him on pace for 1,056 yards. He’ll need to have some big games if he wants to get to 1,500 yards. 1,200 yards may have been more realistic.
    Projected: Under (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: DeAngelo Williams or LeGarrette Blount?
    DeAngelo leads the bet 3pts to 1pt so far. *yawn* While neither guy looked great on Sunday, LGB’s situation isn’t looking good, especially when he’s now complaining about not getting enough touches (ESPN Insider). DeAngelo looks like the safer bet at this point.
    Projected: DeAngelo Williams (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Kevin Kolb or Sam Bradford?
    Before the season, I was a little concerned about Kolb’s ability to be productive in Arizona this season since he hasn’t had a lot of time to learn the offense. But week 1 eliminated those concerns, as Kolb put up 18 points to Bradford’s 5 points. Bradford sustained a hand injury and we’ll have to wait and see if it affects his performance. Injuries to Amendola and SJax may also play in to Bradford’s production.
    Projected: Kevin Kolb (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Cedric Benson or Shonn Greene?
    Guess the hate really did go too far on Benson, as he takes a commanding lead in the bet, 18pts to 2pts. Greene has a 2:1 advantage in carries over LT but was not effective. Greene will have better weeks and will probably make this a closer bet. I’m still holding out hope on Greene but a 16 point margin this early may take a few weeks to make up.
    Projected: Cedric Benson (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: Mario Manningham or Jeremy Maclin?
    It was nice to see Maclin on the field after his off-season of health concerns but he did only manage to get 3 targets and is currently losing 4pts to 2pts. Maclin should still get his numbers but it make take a few games for him to get back to normal. Depending upon the severity of Hakeem Nicks’ injury, Manningham may see a surge in scoring or draw double teams. I think he’ll enjoy being the #1 WR for a bit and get a nice lead over Maclin.
    Projected: Mario Manningham (Nate)
  6. Will Knowshon Moreno be a top 15 RB?
    Denver did not look good on Monday and Moreno only managed to get 8 carries (out of 13). I don’t think Denver will throw the ball 46 times each week, so Moreno will get better but another stinker from Denver and this may be an uphill battle for Moreno.
    Projected: No (Nate)
  7. Will Matt Ryan outscore Joe Flacco by 25 pts?
    Flacco leads the bet 20pts to 8pts. The Falcons looked like they were overhyped in the preseason but we’ll have to see how they respond to the thumping laid down by the Ravens. This should be a close bet but Ryan is already in a 37 point hole.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  8. Over/Under 23.5 TDs for Redskins QBs
    Sexy Rexy (Grossman) looks like he was the correct QB for the Redskins, as he put a 300+ yard game and 2 TDs. He’s shown to that he’s a competent QB in the Shanahan system. In his last 4 games with the Redskins, he’s thrown 9 TD passes. The Redskins will get their TD passes but it may be week 14-15 before they reach 24 TDs.
    Projected: Over (Matthew)
  9. Will Johnny Knox outscore Nate Burleson by 20 pts?
    After one week, Knox is in a 22 point deficit. Burleson should continue to put up solid numbers with Stafford healthy and the two WRs should put up similar numbers each week. If week 1 is any indication, Jay Cutler will spread the ball around, making it difficult for Knox to have breakout games.
    Projected: No (Matthew)
  10. Who has more fantasy points (in a PPR league): Steve Johnson or Dez Bryant?
    This should be one of the more interesting bets this year, as both are tied at 16 points after week 1. As long as Dez can stay healthy, and Romo stops making stupid throws his direction, Dez will turn in to a beast this season.
    Projected: Dez Bryant (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points: Reggie Wayne or Santonio Holmes?
    If week 1 was any indication, Reggie Wayne should be fine with Kerry Collins at QB and currently leads Santonio by a score of 16pts to 7pts.  Wayne may be on the decline but I just find it hard to get behind Holmes when Mark Sanchez is throwing to him.
    Projected: Reggie Wayne (Nate)
  12. Who has more fantasy points: Chester Taylor or LaRod Stephens-Howling?
    What a mess this one is and we probably won’t get any indication on who’s likely to win this bet for a while. Taylor was inactive in week 1 and now Stephens-Howling is dealing with hand and arm injuries. If I had to pick someone, I’d have to say LSH since he’s been with Arizona for a while and wasn’t inactive in week 1.
    Projected: LaRod Stephens-Howling (Matthew)
  13. Who has more fantasy points in week 2: Julio Jones or Chad Ochocinco?
    ESPN projects both players to have 42 yards receiving or 4 fantasy points in week 4. Despite the 14 yards for Ochocinco in week 1, I like him more in week 2. He’s got a better chance with Brady getting him something than Jones, who has to go up against the Eagles’ secondary.
    Projected: Chad Ochocinco (Matthew)

Matthew is off to a good start by taking the first two board bets of the year and is projected to win the board 8-7. It way too early in the season to really put anything behind this projection.  While, I’ll enjoy keeping track of the head-to-head fantasy point totals, I’d like to see some more creative bets.