The 06010 Mailbag – 8-20-11 3

Hopefully this will become a regular feature on the site, so get your questions

From reader Paul:
“Who were those crazy mans league entries that the guys talked about this week when they interviewed seriously angry jenny? i heard something like walsh coach drew, somebody named ashley, and a crazy guy. any links or anything would be appreciated”

My memory is a bit fuzzy on this so I’ll have to rely on other Fantasy Focus fans to answer this completely in the comments section. But here’s my shot at it…It’s actually Walsh Coast Drew (from the Beverly Hills 90210 inspired league) and I want to say that he ended up being booted from the league since he never fulfilled his promise on what he’d do for the guys. If this is the case, then this is why Matthew and Nate will only accept Fast Passes where it can be verified before the season starts.

Ashley, also known as Hot Chick Ashley, made it in to the 2010 Baseball Man’s League. Again, my memory is fuzzy but I believe she’s been the worst Man’s League participant since she didn’t know anything about baseball. I also want to say that her interview was pretty atrocious and made a bad impression on female fantasy players.

Commenters, feel free to correct my response or add to it.

  • kapellmeisters

    Hot Chick Ashley used the Man’s League as a platform to score a date with Mark Salling from Glee (and it worked) despite the fact that she had a boyfriend.

    She also had a terrible interview, and then her loss to Pod Vader was what got him into the playoffs.

  • AJ

    Hot Chick Ashley knew nothing about baseball. After Grady Seizmore had been out for the year for like a month, he was still on her team because, something like “he’s done so many good things for me”.

  • AdAgencyBrian

    Maybe this was Walsh Coast Drew? I was in the league that year; one of the guys got drunk and made a terrible trade. It ruined the balance of power in the league, and even worse, resulted in Pod Vader’s creation of the hypothetical championship, which he “won” when that trade was erased for memory. Drew was replaced by a blind gentleman whose name I can’t remember, but for whom I do have a lot of respect.