The 06010 Board Football Dynasty League 1

Update: The league is full. Thanks to everyone that submitted entries.

If you saw my post on the Twitter, I’m looking to start up a 12-team dynasty football league. Unlike the other leagues I’ve created, this will not be first-come-first-served. Seeing as this is a dynasty league, I want people that go out and hit people in the mouth are going to be dedicated league members. I really don’t want to have to check and see if people are returning year-in and year-out or watch out for dead teams.

Expect a bumpy first season as we hammer out how we want this league to run.

Drop me an e-mail using the handy feedback form with why you should be in the league.

  • John Hatfield

    Love Fantasy Football. I get in several leagues every year and have won a couple. I am on the fantasy football everyday trying to pickup the best players.