Fantasy Focus fans league 7

Upset that you missed out on naming your child Pod Vader? I got word this morning from a fellow podcast fan on a fantasy football league he’s trying to get going.

League info:

  • 16 Teams
  • Live draft on August 19th at 8:30pm EST
  • Contact @purduecrum (via Twitter) for an invite
  • Or hit me here for an invite: I’ll also check back here for replies to make sure I don’t miss anyone!

  • This annoyed me. Pod wouldn’t let me into the baseball league this year because he told me that once you are in one man’s league, you CANNOT be in any other ever again. Doesn’t matter whether it is football or baseball but now he all all gung-ho about letting this guy in both. I highly doubt the birth certificate will be coming in anyways but it is still annoying. Then the poll doesn’t even outline exactly what the full poll is for.

  • Kristin… I need your e-mail address for invite.

  • Anonymous

    i friended you but I forgot to write my email, it is

  • david piscorik


    I will try this avenue to get you my email address for the league as I could not DM you on twitter as you are not following me@fastmoneymachin

    looking forward to the league


  • Invite sent!

  • I’ve sent out enough invites to fill the league. Waiting for three to claim their spot. Thanks for all of your interest!